New investment management system to be introduced in the Ulyanovsk region

On 25 January, the Governor Sergey Morozov held a meeting with the sector of the regional Government, which is responsible for effective economic development


Sergey Morozov mentioned that it is very important to increase investment potential and the gross regional product. “At the meeting of the State Council, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin drew attention to the need to search for new effective mechanisms in order to increase investment and business activity. The Ulyanovsk region is among the leaders with the best business climate in the country. For us, it is extremely important to maintain and improve this situation, to restructure the work of development institutes, as well as to involve all industries in attraction of new investments. And, indeed, one of the key tasks is to increase the gross regional product. According to preliminary estimates, it made more than 340 billion rubles in 2017, which is four times as much as the amount in 2004”, - the Governor emphasized.

At the request of the head of the region, today restructuring of the investment management system is carried out. These measures are designed to increase business activity and to involve new resources in attraction of investors.

As the Deputy Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region Dmitry Bogdanov reported to the Governor, a draft of the action plan was developed. It consists of six types of activities. Now the document is going through the approval process and in the nearest future, it will be provided to the head of the region for his signature.

First, changed will be applied to work of the Governor's Investment Council and working groups will be defined for priority spheres. The next task is to set mandatory requirements for executive authority, development institutes and municipal units to create comfortable conditions for investors. This refers to implementation of updated performance standards to provide a favorable business climate.

Another block of activities is connected with promotion of the region in Russia and abroad. In addition, it is planned to implement a strict system to monitor and incite municipal units. A rating of municipalities on investment and business climate will be created twice a year.

The action plan also includes completion of documents fundamental for the investment policy.

“First of all, we are talking about the Development Strategy for the new period, considering transition to digital economy and industrial revolution. Global serial productions will be gradually replaced by more localized, smart, distributed ones. We need to gain experience in this sphere, especially as 2018 was announced in the Ulyanovsk region as the Year of Smart Technologies and Creative Industries”, - Dmitry Bogdanov noted.

The management system of development institutes will also undergo reformation. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, it is necessary that these structures were motivated on investment attraction and promotion of the region.

“We are developing an Agency for Development Institutes based on the current structure. It will not involve any additional costs. The Agency will ensure interaction between regional development institutes and will coordinate their activities, set performance indicators and carry out monitoring. Interdepartmental interaction will become the main task. There are more and more projects in the investment sphere that require support from several industries”, - explained Rustem Davlyatshin, the Minister of Economic Development and Competition of the Ulyanovsk region.