Director Vladimir Hotinenko to become the Honorary President of the International Film Festival "With All My Heart" in the memory of Valentina Leontyeva

The Ulyanovsk region carries out preparations for the anniversary of the film forum initiated by the Governor Sergey Morozov. The event will take place from 25 to 30 May.


"We are pleased that Vladimir Hotinenko, the People's Artist of the Russian Federation and the member of the European Film Academy, agreed to become the Honorary President of the film festival "With All My Heart". Veronika Lysakova, a young talented actress who joined the team when she was just a girl, has been the president of this festival since the very beginning. It is fitting that that the anniversary event will be headed by two leaders, a remarkable actress and a veteran director. It will help us reveal new sides of the project and its potential", - explained Lidiya Saurova, the Director of the film festival, the head of the UlyanovskKinofond.

According to the experts, the programme of the event is under development, as well as the lists of popular participants from Russia and abroad.

“The educational component will be one of the most important parts of this film festival. This year it will include Vladimir Hotinenko's workshop for creative youth, which will be dedicated to the 150th anniversary since the birth of our fellow citizen Vladimir Lenin. In addition, opening of a youth center under the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation will take place in Ulyanovsk. One of the important tasks will be to invite eminent filmmakers to the region. They will share experience with aspiring colleagues from Ulyanovsk”, - said Olga Mezina, the Minister of Art and Cultural Policy.

Over the past nine years, the film festival was attended by 416 Russian and foreign guests. Among them were actors and directors from 15 countries: Hungary, Germany, Holland, Latvia, Italy, Poland, the Republic of Belarus, Serbia, Finland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Ulyanovsk was also visited by Emir Kusturica and his Theno Smoking Orchestra (Serbia), Barbara Brylska (Poland), Ivars KalniƆš (Latvia), Ivan Forgach (Hungary), Eva-Maria Schneider-Reuter (Germany). Within the film festival, they participated in 653 activities, which were watched by 200 thousand people.