Volunteers for work with fans during the 2018 FIFA World Cup to be trained in the Ulyanovsk region

This issue was discussed during the extended meeting of the Council for Tourism and Hospitality, which was held by the Governor Sergey Morozov on February 10.

“I am sure that in the nearest future the Ulyanovsk region will become one of the largest tourist centers in the Russian Federation. Due to the large international events that will be held in 2018, it is important to work with staff members, including involvement of volunteers from among the youth. Volunteers among students can join the list of guides, escorting interpreters, and instructors. The well-trained personnel in the field of tourism will help us to represent the region on the international scene properly”, - the head of the region noted.

It is expected that more than two thousand fans from the countries of Latin America, Australia, and Iran will visit the region within the FIFA World Cup. It is also planned to implement 12 tourist projects, which will involve young people. Within the meeting, an agreement on cooperation was signed between OGKU "Ulyanovsk Region Agency of Tourism" and the Ulyanovsk State University. "As we approach the large international events, which will be held by the region, training of professional staff and providing them with jobs are the most relevant and promising spheres. In this regard, we have to establish a contact between educational organizations and establishments of tourism industry", - noted Yulia Skoromolova, the director of the Ulyanovsk Region Agency on Tourism.

In addition, results of work carried out within the tourism industry in 2017 were summed up during the meeting.

"Domestic tourism demonstrates stable positive dynamics. Last year the tourist flow to the Ulyanovsk region increased by 4.5%. According to the National Tourist Rating, the Ulyanovsk region has moved up nine ranks and took the 29th place at year-end 2017. The Ulyanovsk region has started development of tourism sphere quite recently. High rates of tourist flow increase show that promotion of the region as a tourist destination is successful", - noted Yulia Skoromolova, the director of the Ulyanovsk Region Agency on Tourism.