Ulyanovsk region to build the second wind farm

The Ulyanovsk region to build the second wind farm


Alexander Chuvayev, the Executive Vice-President - the head of the Russia Division of PAO Fortum, confirmed the intentions at the meeting with the Governor Sergey Morozov, which took place during the forum in Sochi on 15 February.

“The Ulyanovsk region has started development of the new industry in Russia. Last year will leave in memory start of construction of the country's first wind farm in the region. All 14 wind generators have been installed and are producing energy now. However, we will not stop here, as we understand that that future belongs to the green energy. Today, during the meeting, we have discussed construction of a new facility in this advanced sphere”, – Sergey Morozov noted.

The renewable energy sector is one of the priority spheres for investment activities of the region. Investors also think highly of the progress in this industry.

“Our cooperation with the Ulyanovsk region is developing successfully, we put the first 35 MW wind farm into operation. In the nearest future, our investment fund for wind power, which is a joint project with RUSNANO, will start construction of the new wind farm with the capacity of 50 MW. I also know that Vestas, our technology partner, is going to localize its production of components for wind turbines here. That is why the Ulyanovsk region is the anchor territory for development of the country's wind industry”, – Alexander Chuvayev said.

Vestas will manufacture and ship wind turbines with the capacity of 50 MW. This company was selected as the prime vendor to provide services and wind power equipment to the Foundation.

According to Sergey Vasin, the head of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation who participated in the negotiations, wind turbines in the new park will start to produce energy in the first half of 2019.