International exhibition "People Who Changed the World" to become a part of the cultural programme of the 56th musical festival "World, Era, Names …"

It will start working on 2 March. All people who will go to the concerts in the Lenin Memorial will have the chance to see the exposition.


Five public and political leaders who have changed peoples' mindset and life will become the first characters of this unique project. They were selected because of the significant anniversaries that will be celebrated in 2018. These include the 200th birthday of Karl Marx; the 125th birthday of Mao Zedong; the 95th anniversary since the first visit of Ho Chi Minh to Russia; Mahatma Gandhi's 70th death anniversary. Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin will become the central figure of this exposition.

“The People Who Changed the World exhibition is a project that will be of great interest in the future too. Over the next few years, we are going to hold the festival of people who have really changed the world. The exposition will show the topic "Lenin and Music". By order of the Governor Sergey Morozov, we have started reconstruction of the Lenin Memorial. This is an important event related to the forthcoming anniversary of our fellow countryman”, - said Olga Mezina, the Minister of Art and Cultural Policy of the Ulyanovsk region.

We would like to mention that during the project development, the Lenin Memorial worked together with museums of Europe and Asia. The joint project with the Karl Marx House museum (Germany, Trier) has been created for the first time. In 2018, the world celebrates the 200 anniversary since the birth of Karl Marx. This year, the German museum with assistance of the Embassy of Germany will demonstrate its own rare materials in Ulyanovsk.

“The exhibition about the life of Mahatma Gandhi (the spiritual guru of India), which has been created together with Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre at the Embassy of India, will be one of the first in our country. Mahatma Gandhi is a person who did everything to help India achieve independence through non-violent resistance. That is why he is respected in many countries”, – noted Candidate of Historical Sciences Valery Perfilov.

During the work of the international project, Chinese and Vietnamese museums will provide rare photos, documents, and hand-made arts and crafts, which will tell Russians more about Mao Zedong and Ho Chi Minh, the leaders of China and Vietnam.

The cost of attending the exhibition is included in the tickets for concerts that will take place within the 56th International musical festival "World, Era, Names …".