Ulyanovsk region to become a pilot site for implementation of digital technologies in the field of transport

This experience will used in other regions of the Russian Federation in the future.


A meeting, which was attended by Sergey Ten (Deputy of the State Duma) and Sergey Morozov (Governor of the Ulyanovsk region), took place on 19 February.

“Opinion of the Ulyanovsk region is very important for us as it is one of the most advanced regions that is implementing pilot projects in the field of digital technologies for the transport sphere. In particular, this includes standard documentation. At the moment, GOSTs (government standards), general standards and the legislation in this sphere need to be improved,” - Sergey Ten noted.

By order of the Governor Sergey Morozov, smart digital technologies are implemented into all spheres of the regional economy including medicine, education, environment protection, transport, and others. The priority project "Smart Region" has been implemented since 2017. One of its aims is to improve efficiency of the public transportation, safety of passenger and freight transport, and the quality of transport services. These are achieved through photo and video systems used to capture road traffic offenses, GLONASS sensors in route vehicles, video monitoring with cameras, and other projects.

“We discussed how we will be able to implement a number of initiatives to introduce digital technologies. Their aim will be to improve traffic safety and the quality of transportations. Our main priority is to ensure comfort of passengers in public transport and along the routes to schools”, - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

During the meeting, experts of GUP "MosgortransNIIproyekt" presented results of the first round of work on creation of the Ulyanovsk transport model. “Yesterday the model was submitted to the city. It will allow to analyze key parameters of the passenger traffic on roads and to decide whether there is the need to change something or not. This model will become become an essential instrument for city- and traffic-planning. Now local experts should learn how to use it. In addition, the Institute will develop a regional navigation and information system (RNIS), which will become an important stage for implementation of ITS (Intelligent Transport System) in the region”, - said Sergey Saakian, the Advisor to Director for Regional Operations of GUP "MosgortransNIIproyekt".

It is also planned to install 15 frames of weight and dimensional control along the highways of the Ulyanovsk region. They will weigh cargo vehicles automatically while they are moving. In 2018, it is planned to complete 6 out of 15 weight and dimensional control posts, which will work in automatic mode. "It will allow to solve a number of issues. For example, to improve control over the movement of heavy and large-size trucks, to ensure safety of highways, to increase  durability of road pavement and engineering structures", - explained Dmitry Vavilin, the regional Minister of Industry, Construction, Housing and Transport.

During the Transport Forum, which took place in December 2017, an agreement was signed with the Digital Era for Transport Association on development of joint projects. The agreement aims to bring together the government and the business to develop digital technologies in transport infrastructure and to provide hands-on assistance to the region.