Ulyanovsk region to cooperate with national consortiums Digital Health and Smart City

On 27 February, Sergey Kalugin, the Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, came to the region with a working visit. He supervises participation of the relevant federal agency in two Russian associations.


In the Investment message the Governor Sergey Morozov emphasized that in the Year of Smart Technologies and Creative Industries, which was announced in 2018, it is necessary to put particular emphasis on stimulation of innovative processes, digital economy and attraction of "smart investment". "By developing the Smart Region concept, we have determined spheres of digital economy in which we intend to implement various projects, to build up partnership and to attract investments. We have started creation of a   legal framework for development of digital economy. At our level, we are ready to ensure application of the federal legislation, as well as to improve it within the mandate. And of course, we must invest in the digital infrastructure. We expect to do with the aid of investors", – the head of the region emphasized.

During the working visit, the federal expert has met the Prime Minister of the Ulyanovsk region Alexander Smekalin. The parties have discussed possible forms of cooperation between the region and consortiums Digital Health and Smart City. It is planned that Ulyanovsk companies will be able to join implementation of all-Russian pilot projects created by these associations. Participants will consider the possibility of investing into projects in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region. In particular, in the form of concessions.

“While our region is one of the most active ones as far as development of digital economy is concerned, we have discussed two key spheres of cooperation. First, it is the possibility of attracting investors to implement the technologies that have already been created in the region in the field of housing and medicine. Second, we have considered applying the best Russian and world practices and technologies for development of our region”, – Alexander Smekalin said.

According to Sergey Kalugin, the main reason to merge the leading corporations, higher education institutions, venture companies and authorities in consortiums is the objective to introduce new technologies in the field of housing and medicine. “The Ulyanovsk region has a good reputation in terms of innovation, so we have discussed which projects could be implemented within a reasonable period of time, - the Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation emphasized. - It is difficult for regional knowledge-intensive productions to find customers interested in their developments as they are not integrated into production and marketing chains. The consortiums aim to improve the satiation”.

During the working visit, the federal expert has also studied projects of Ulyanovsk developers. TestGen is a company engaged in development and production of test systems for molecular genetics that can reveal malignant neoplasms. TestGen has a laboratory with the equipment for production of tests and quality control. In addition, Sergey Kalugin was shown the program that allows to store and analyze data of molecular researches. It is a joint development of TestGen and RuGadget companies. During the examination Sergey Kalugin said that projects of Ulyanovsk developers are practices worth sharing with support of consortiums throughout the country. These organizations are residents of the regional Nanotechnology center.

According to Svetlana Openysheva, the Head of the regional state public institution "Government for Citizens", some Ulyanovsk companies offer competitive and proven solutions for Digital Health and Smart City. In particular, the Internet of things can be used to gather energy, water and heat meter readings for further analysis through the informational system of the AIS Gorod company. “I am sure that with the right investment, Ulyanovsk developments will find a broad range of applications in the nearest future. They will help to reduce utility expenses, to improve public health and the quality of life in general”, – Svetlana Openysheva noted. 

On the same day, Sergey Kalugin examined developments created by laboratories of the Ulyanovsk Technical University and met representatives of the local IT companies that provide products and services for Russian and international markets.

As a reference:

A national consortium for development and introduction of digital technologies in the sphere of municipal government was created in Russia in late 2017 (the Smart City consortium). Its main objective is design and implementation of the Smart Cities concept in the territory of the Russian Federation.

In addition, a memorandum for establishment of the Digital Health consortium was signed this February. It is planned that this association will act to develop digital health care in government bodies and local governments. It was organized by the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, the Almazov National Medical Research Centre, ITMO university, the Faculty of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University, and such companies as Rusat Healthcare, Shvabe, R-Pharm and Eltech SPb. The coordination committee of the consortium is headed by Sergey Kalugin.