Agricultural sector of the Ulyanovsk region is rapidly developing

In the Message to the Federal Assembly, which was announced on 1 March, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin mentioned the importance of this sphere for economy.


“I want to thank workers of the agricultural sector again for the greatest grain harvest in the history of the country – 134 million tons. This number exceeded the one achieved in the Soviet Union. The previous best result was recorded in 1978 and amounted to 127.4 million tons. Today we regularly gather harvests of 100 million tons. However, it is pretty obvious that there are also some drawbacks. The prices have declined, and we have some problems with storage and transportation. To support our manufacturers, we have introduced preferential rates for transportation of grain by rail until 1 July 2018. It is necessary to discuss how we can prolong this measure for the next harvests, as well as to ensure additional purchases in Urals and Siberia region, which are located far away from ports. In general, we have to to help those who are ready and want to process products on-site. Added value should be increased. Then we need to use these products in the sphere of livestock breeding. It is essential that we discuss other issues, which are put before us by workers of the agricultural sector, at the Forum of Agricultural Producers that will take place in March. Then we will offer additional measures for support of this industry”, - the Head of the State emphasized.

In 2017, the Ulyanovsk region has gathered the record harvest of grain and leguminous crops since 1992; the yield made more than 1.6 million tons. In addition, last year landowners of the Ulyanovsk region have achieved the greatest grain crop harvest in the history of the region – 29.5 c/hectare. Among 14 regions of the Volga Federal District, this indicator takes the fourth place.

“Despite a good harvest, landowners of the region faced some difficulties while selling it. That is why we have made a timely decision to support agricultural producers who grow sugar beet, spring grains and leguminous crops. In 2018, about 150 million rubles will be allocated from the regional budget for development of this sphere. In addition, the region has been among the regions of the Russian Federation that have introduced preferential rates for transportation of grain by rail”, - noted Mikhail Semyonkin, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources of the Ulyanovsk region.

Over the last 12 years, production of agricultural goods in the region has increased by 65%; this also includes farm products, which production has grown eight-fold.

“The agricultural sector is annually improving. Farmers are its driving force. Their contribution into our agricultural branch is significant, and every year it is becoming even more noticeable. Farms are an essential pillar for food security of the whole region. That is why we support this segment and, of course, we will continue this work. Heads of family farms actively use all types of the state support. These include the subsidy for acquisition of elite seeds, compensation of bank loan interest rates, subsidies based on the amount of milk sold, and the hectare subsidy”, - the Governor Sergey Morozov noted.

According to competent authorities, the Ulyanovsk region has more than tripled farmers' area under crops. Now every fourth hectare of cultivated area in the region belongs to a farmer. Over the last 12 years, production of grain has increased by three times, sunflower – by 24 times, sugar beet – by almost four times, potatoes – by 12 times, field vegetables – by 60 times. The livestock of cows has quadrupled, pigs – almost doubled, sheep – grown by 12 times. Over the same period, production of meat has increased by seven times, and milk – by more than six times. In general, family farms produce 14% of the region's agricultural output.

Under the State Program for Development of Agriculture and Regulation of Agricultural Commodity Markets in 2014-2020, in 2018 more than 1.0915 billion rubles will be allocated from the regional budget.  About 623.9 million rubles will be used for development of crop production and 73.4 million rubles – for livestock production; more than 99 million rubles will be allocated for support of small business in rural regions, and 247 million rubles - for development of rural territories. In addition, within the agreements with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, which have been signed recently, the federal budget will provide the region with subsidies in amount of about 617 million rubles.