Ulyanovsk to create a Center of Hi-Precision Medical Radiology

The memorandum on investment into the project was signed by the Governor Sergey Morozov and the Chairman of the board of OOO "IPT Group" Pavel Korikov. The ceremony was held in Dimitrovgrad during the visit of Veronika Skvortsova (Minister of Health of the Russian Federation) to the federal hi-tech center of medical radiology.


On that day, the region was also visited by Mikhail Babich, the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Volga Federal District, and the head of FMBA of Russia Vladimir Uyba. They examined the building site of the federal hi-tech center of medical radiology in Dimitrovgrad and had the opportunity to attend a presentation of the IPT Group's project on creation of a unique facility in Ulyanovsk.

The public-private project assumes re-equipment of the regional oncological clinic's facilities.

“We offer a project on creation of a high-precision radiology center in Ulyanovsk. Radiotheraphy is one of the main types of cancer care. Its success depends on the modern facilities and training of personnel. Total investment into the project will make 600 million rubles. We are planning to complete this project within a year. We have already visited the oncological clinic and have discussed implementation of the project. According to our sources, approximately 2 200 patients in the region should receive the necessary amount of radiation therapy on an annual basis. With the right equipment and if the center is opened, the clinic will be able to help all these people”, - noted Pavel Korikov, the Chairman of the board of OOO "IPT Group".

According to Rasheed Abdullov, the Minister of Health, Family and Social Wellbeing of the Ulyanovsk region, this project will allow to improve cancer diagnosis significantly and to make hi-tech treatment available to the population of the region.

“Over the last two years, the country has seen a major reduction in the level of total mortality. At the same time, the amount of proven cases of malignant neoplasms has increased. The President of the Russian Federation has set the task to pay special attention to cancer control. We are implementing a tomotherapy project at the regional oncological clinic. We are also working on establishment of the high-precision radiology center. For this purpose, we will bring new equipment and provide training to specialists. Patients will receive treatment in the establishment free of charge under the Compulsory Health Insurance programme”, - explained the head of the relevant agency.

During the event, Veronika Skvortsova attended the presentation of the hi-tech federal center of medical radiology in Dimitrovgrad.

The project on creation of a center of medical radiology is implemented in the territory of Dimitrovgrad in the framework of the state program "Creation of federal centers of nuclear medicine technologies" at the order of the President of the Russian Federation. The medical center, which is unique for Russia and the world, will provide services for residents of both the Ulyanovsk region and neighboring territories. The total project funding amounts to more than 20 billion rubles. The institutional structure includes more than twenty buildings among which is a proton center (which can be visited by more than 20 thousand patients a year), a 312-bed clinical hospital, a rehabilitation block, a center of radioactive nuclide diagnostics, as well as an advisory clinic (240 attendances per shift). The new facility is planned to be put into operation in 2018.

“The President announced the programme for fight against cancer as one of national priorities. To reduce mortality rate from malignant neoplasm it is necessary to use a complex approach. This includes measures that allow to develop effective oncological treatment with early cancer detection, regional and federal oncological centers of different level, and introduction of innovative methods of personalized medical treatment and nuclear medicine. To meet this challenge, a whole medical city has been under construction in Dimitrovgrad for several years. After its opening, hi-tech medical treatment will be provided not only to oncology patients but also in such priority spheres as endocrinology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, and neurosurgery. Here we have everything to maximize the opportunities of modern radiation therapy, diagnostics and proton technologies for residents of our country. The center is equipped with four proton devices with the latest technological setup. Even we will be able to delete even the smallest neoplasms without tissue section in the deepest brain regions, eyes, on skull base and in the hard-to-reach areas where it is not possible to operate with a scalpel. I want to express gratitude to the management of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency and the manufacturers, as well as to thank the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov. The management of the region not only actively participates in construction of the center but also assists in creation of the necessary conditions in Dimitrovgrad. I am sure that construction of this facility will also help development of the city in general”, - Veronika Skvortsova noted.

So, according to her, transport infrastructure is under construction to make it easier for patients from across the country to get here. Highly-skilled professionals are provided with all the necessary social support when applying for work in medical institutions. In the future there is a variant to build half-way houses and social objects around this center so that patients could use services of the day hospital.

According to the Governor Sergey Morozov, the region has fulfilled its commitments to create utility facilities in the center of medical radiology. “We used over 400 million rubles for reconstruction of the road carpet, more than 65 million rubles to create comfortable urban environment, approximately 200 million rubles to repair apartment houses in the neighborhood, and approximately 800 million rubles to solve housing problems of the center's personnel. Major investment will be made to renovate social infrastructure facilities. They will be used by people who will live and work here. We will build one more school and a kindergarten. We have a lot of work ahead, for example, to construct hotels. All this work is done so that Dimitrovgrad could really become the center of the nuclear and innovative cluster in the country. In addition, to complete orders set by the Head of State - to improve medical care for patients with oncological diseases - we will continue to provide funds for this important sphere and to attract investments”, - Sergey Morozov noted.

The first phase of construction has been completed. This includes installation of utility facilities, as well as equipping of the center's life support department, the proton medicine facility and the pharmacy. Documentation necessary to commission the buildings will be received in March. At the same time, preparation for startup of the second stage facilities is underway. The list includes a radiological department, a policlinic, a PET-center and auxiliary buildings. It is planned that they will be commissioned in June. The third phase of construction is scheduled for completion in December 2018 and will include the administration building and the radionuclide therapy one. Work will be carried out to improve public amenities. One thousand, four hundred and thirty people will be recruited. This includes 340 doctors, 460 specialists with secondary professional medical education and 350 representatives of junior medical staff.