Ulyanovsk region continues to increase the index of industrial production

The results of the region's social and economic development over the last two months were summed up at the staff meeting that was held by the Governor Sergey Morozov on 19 March.


“The federal center provides us with all the necessary support, and we, in turn, must help the country and the Head of our State. And the best way to do it is to develop regional economy. Over the first two months of this year the index of industrial production amounted to 101.1%. This result may seem insufficient, but I would like to remind you that we compare it to last year's results. A year ago, industrial production's growth rates were 110.1%. We have added another 1% to this figure, which is a very good indicator”, - the head of the region said.

As the Director-General of ANCO "Ulyanovsk Region Center for Strategic Studies" Oleg Asmus has reported to the Governor, positive dynamics has been achieved thanks to the manufacturing activities, which took approximately 75% of the regional industry. The total growth made 1.8%.

“Major increase has been noticed in oil products, which amounted to 2.3 times compared to the same period last year. Indicators related to the printing industry and production of paper have also improved - by 19.4% and 11.3% respectively. In addition, we have noticed significant growth of investments into the fixed capital, which made 26.7%”, - Oleg Asmus explained.

The index of production of chemicals has reached 159%, computers – 132.8%, non-metallic mineral products – 129.7%, electric equipment – 124.3%, machinery and equipment – 100.1%, their maintenance – 181.8%.

“Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau plays a significant role in growth of the industrial production index, which has increased the manufacturing output by 64% compared to the same period of 2017. JSC "Aviastar-SP" has increased shipment by 61%; and the manufacturing output has almost doubled (194% compared to January-February of last year). I would also like to mention good results shown by Daaz Stamp (132%) and Takata-Rus (143%). Among the enterprises with the annual output of less than one billion rubles a year, the most noticeable ones were Iskra plant (increase by 3.7 times), Himtex-RTI (increase by 77%), OOO "Nomatex" (increase by one third)”, - explained Andrey Tyurin, the First Deputy Chairman of the regional Government.

In addition, over the last two months 498 houses with a total space of 67.7 thousand sq.m (541 apartments) have been commissioned in the region. This is by 87% more than in 2017. The amount of work completed in the sphere of construction has increased by 57.3% compared to last year's level.

The registered unemployment rate amounted to 0.46% (the same as in January). Over two months 3 658 jobs have been created, a quarter of which are high performance ones. At the same time, 65.1% of vacant positions were created in the sphere of small and medium business.