Furniture production to be created in Dimitrovgrad

The Ulyanovsk region's territory of advanced social and economic development "Dimitrovgrad" welcomes its third resident. OOO "Dimitrovgrad Mebel" (Dimitrovgrad Furniture) was included in the federal register by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.


“The territory of advanced social and economic development is one of the most effective tools for development of our country today, and we lay our hopes on it. We understand the need to use this resource as fast and efficient as possible. We are building industrial parks and developing facilities at Dimitrovgrad Auto Modular Plant (DAAZ). As a result, we have attracted external investors, and now we are encouraging our companies to implement their new projects here. Capital investments of OOO "Dimitrovgrad Mebel" will make about 25 million rubles and will help to create about 100 new jobs”, - the Governor Sergey Morozov said.

The Ulyanovsk region has the maximum possible preferences for this type of territories. So, taxes on profit, property and transport have been nullified for five years, and it will be possible to prolong them for up to ten more years. Insurance payments were reduced from 30% to 7.6%. Exemption from the land tax is provided at the municipal level.

“The city received the status of the territory of advanced social and economic development as recently as last year, thanks to it one of the fullest packages of support for business with the most comfortable conditions is created here. Such integrated approach has already attracted three residents. The total investment into the city economy will amount to about 65 million rubles”, - noted Alexander Smekalin, the Prime Minister of the region.

According to the investor, it is planned to start work in Dimitrovgrad with construction of a sewing workshop.

"We will also make covers for upholstered furniture. The third stage of the project assumes production volumes increase and requires assembly production", - commented Natalya Kaptilnaya, theDirector General of OOO "Dimitrovgrad Mebel".

According to Rustem Davlyatshin, the Minister of Economic Development and Competition of the Ulyanovsk region, within implementation of the agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation  it is planned to officially register no less than seven residents in the territory of Dimitrovgrad in 2018.

OOO "Prizma" and its project on creation of a mirror elements production  became the first resident of the territory of advanced social and economic development "Dimitrovgrad". Then OOO "Torsion-D" was also included in the federal register in February 2018. The company plans to create modern production facilities of the springs used in agriculture, automotive components and the furniture industry.