Ulyanovsk region to hold the decade of unity of people, charity and spirituality

On April 9, the Governor Sergey Morozov announced this at a joint meeting of councils for the interfaith and international relations, as well as for the Cossacks.


The Apostolic Nuncio to the Russian Federation, Archbishop Celestino Migliore was among the guests of honor. “The main sources of the lasting civil peace, patriotism and the highest public morals in many respects come from religious traditions of our people. Representatives of all religions and faiths have introduced these traditions and we have been following them for many decades. This result required a lot of hard work that brings together the society, the state, and the people today. We have to do our best to keep this unity. The visit of the Apostolic Nuncio to the Russian Federation, Archbishop Celestino Migliore has become the next example that shows development of spiritual life in our region. We have made the decision to use a land plot in Zavolzhye District, Ulyanovsk, for construction of a Catholic church. For us, it has a special meaning and an important step in development and maintenance of the interfaith dialogue. The unity, good-neighborly relations and the lasting interethnic peace is a calling card of the Ulyanovsk region”, - the head of the region noted.

During the meeting, the Governor has signed an executive order to carry out a regional decade of unity of the people, charity and spirituality. It will take place from 27 May to 6 June.

“During the visit we have held a meeting with the Ulyanovsk Catholic community. Ulyanovsk is the twentieth city of Russia that I have visited. I always meet with the Metropolitan and the Governor during such trips. The visit to the Ulyanovsk region was not an exception. It is especially nice that my visit has coincided with a big holiday, and I could personally congratulate the Governor and the Metropolitan on Easter. During my stay in Russia, I have noticed that Easter is one of the most favourite Russian orthodox holidays. It is important that in the Ulyanovsk region followers of various religions come together to cooperate for the benefit of the region. All religions promote peace, cooperation, mutual respect, and the right attitude to the God. It unites all of us into a big society”, - noted Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the permanent diplomatic representative of the Pope in Russia.

Participants of the meeting have discussed celebration of national and religious holidays. Metropolitan Anastasius noted that Easter services took place in all temples and that Holy Fire was brought to the Ulyanovsk region from Jerusalem. Both city and rural churches received a part of it.

“About 80 thousand people have attended church services on the first day of Easter. I would like to express my gratitude to the regional government for how safe and organized the celebration was. Now three temples are under construction in the city, and we hope that very soon they will open their doors for parishioners. In the future, we will get ready for celebration of the Holy Trinity Sunday. In addition to traditional church services and a religious procession, it is planned to carry out a family holiday in the Revival of Spirituality park. This year we will also celebrate the 20th anniversary of      worship of Saint Andrey Simbirskiy the Miracle Maker”, - Archbishop Anastasius noted.

Imam-akhund Ildar hajjs Safiullin (Сhairman of Regional Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of the Ulyanovsk region as a part of Central Muslim Spiritual Board of Russia) has reported about plans to carry out a charitable dinner "Iftar". Representatives of national and cultural autonomies have discussed celebration of national holidays and public projects, which will be implemented in 2018 thanks to grant support from the regional budget. This year, the list if events will also include such traditional holidays as Akatuy, Sabantuy, Shumbrat, celebration of the 170th anniversary since the birth of Ivan Yakovlev (an educator of Chuvash people) and Youth Cossack Games "Volzhskiy Spolokh".

“We annually submit applications for the subsidy tender. In 2018, thanks to this support we will carry out regional Sabantuy, the Dimitrovgrad office of our autonomy will celebrate its 20 anniversary, and a folklore festival will take place in Old Kulatka. Autonomy will also purchase traditional costumes. Implementation of grant projects helps us introduce national traditions and customs to Ulyanovsk residents,as well as to preserve the culture of the Tatar people”, - noted Ramys Safin, the leader of the Tatar National and Cultural Autonomy.

The region has summed up results of the grant contest for socially oriented non-profit organizations. In total, ten million rubles have been distributed between NPOs. By order of the Governor Sergey Morozov, in 2018 the sum for support of projects that aim to strengthen international and interfaith unity has been increased by more than two million rubles. Thirty-three winning NPOs will implement their projects to promote intellectual and moral education of the population, hold national festivals, competitions and events addressing traditions and customs of the peoples who live the Ulyanovsk region. The Councils for inter-ethnic relations have been working in the region for more than ten years. It is an effective platform for development and support of the national policy. The region annually carries out festivals, educational and cultural forums, and events to support unity, prevent terrorism and extremism, and support peoples of the Ulyanovsk region. In total, more than 120 peoples live in the Ulyanovsk region.