Federal experts mentioned the project implemented in the Ulyanovsk region as a successful example of economic diversification

A joint meeting between the State Duma Expert Council on Economic Policy, Industry, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship and the Committee on the Aviation Industry of the Russian Engineering Union took place in Moscow on 9 April.


During the meeting, heads of aviation enterprises and representatives of the scientific community and public organizations have discussed diversification of the industry.

Boris Alyoshin, the Vice-Chairman of the Russian Engineering Union, named the project implemented in the Ulyanovsk region among successful examples of diversification of production in the context of import substitution. Specialists of the Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau, which is a part of CRET (Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies), have developed and implemented a complex control system for industrial process management in geographically distributed facilities of hydroelectric power plants in the Republic of Ecuador. The enterprise focuses on development, production and    post-sale support of aviation electronics complexes and systems for planes and helicopters, systems of automatic control for land equipment and waterpower engineering, automotive components, and medical equipment.

Vladimir Gutenev, the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, has reminded that in the Presidential Address to Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin provided impressive examples of our latest weapons, which are unique. At the same time, some of Russian military technologies can and must be used in the civil sector too.

“Enterprises of the aircraft industry are leaders in the sphere of innovative technologies, as well as an important driver for development of production of materials, engine manufacturing, instrument making, and many other allied sectors of the domestic industry. Such enterprises are easily diversified and already make up-to-date products for the civil use and markets. They traditionally manufacture a lot of hi-tech production of commercial and dual use. Russia has good practices and research and scientific and technological works in the sphere of aircraft and helicopter engineering, as well as hypersound. The latest MS-21 liner excels many competitors on its technology and design solutions”, - he emphasized.

Speaking about prospects of the civil aircraft industry in the context of diversification, participants of the meeting have specifically mentioned development of the short- and medium-range commercial aircraft MS-21. The Ulyanovsk region was recognized as the major region that is taking part in implementation of this project.

“By order of the President of the Russian Federation, the Ulyanovsk region carries out extensive work on development of import substitution industries. Development of the aviation branch in the context of sanctions and the situation in the foreign policy is particularly noteworthy. Today many enterprises of the region manufacture aggregates and systems and use unique technologies that are in no way inferior to their foreign analogs or are even better than them”, - noted Sergey Morozov, the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region.

According to Andrey Tyurin, the First Deputy Chairman of the regional Government, a great deal of work on construction of the new perspective passenger liner is carried out by enterprises of our region. "Aviastar-SP manufactures decks and fuselage aft sections, as well as doors and hatches. The unique "black wing" of MS-21 is made at the AeroKompozit-Ulyanovsk plant. The Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau carries out development of blocks and systems that are a part of the avionics equipment", - he explained.

MS-21 is the new generation family of aircraft with a capacity from 130 to 211 passengers. It was developed for the major segment of the world market of passenger planes. It is planned that the domestic certificate of the MS-21-300 type will be received in 2019. The flight test programme includes 1059 flights that will be performed by four prototype aircrafts. According to the List of Instructions on diversification of production of high-tech civilian products by organizations of the defense industry complex, which was set by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on 17 February 2018, PAO "OAK" submits proposals to increase funding of Research and Advanced Development connected with production of civil goods (including construction of MS-21).