Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov and members of the United Russia party have discussed implementation of the President’s Address

On 11 April, the head of the region held an expanded meeting with members of the United Russia faction in the Legislative Assembly and heads of the party's deputy groups.


“The Presidential Address has set development priorities for all of us. Today United Russia is the party that is open for a dialogue and reports its activities to voters. We have to continue this work in the format of open discussions. For this purpose, it is necessary to discuss development of economy, the social policy and improvements on a wide range of platforms. It is very important to gather ideas, to argue, to exchange experience and to develop any solutions together. Our party aims to address common problems, so discussion of these issues should be carried out nationwide. Now we have an amazing opportunity to achieve this goal: United Russia has given start to the preliminary party vote, which will be completed in early June as a public non-party vote. As a result, there will be a pool of candidates from United Russia for municipal Councils of deputies and the Legislative Assembly. In addition, the party should be ready for modernization; to search for not only new solutions but also new leaders. We need to rely on the youth. We have to return to work and keep in mind the instructions given by voters. Now is the time to find out almost all problem areas though communication with the population at the local level. All this will become a basis for specific party election programmes on development of every settlement in the Ulyanovsk region. We need to address the issue of the party's project management again. The projects must be truly national and effective”, - the Governor Sergey Morozov noted.

Discussion "United Russia. Heading into 2026" has started in the Ulyanovsk region. The first platforms took place on 11 April. Their aim is to gather ideas regarding implementation of the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly and modernization of the party. The discussions were attended by deputies of the Legislative Assembly and Ulyanovsk City Council, members of the regional Government, and representatives of the Young Guard of the United Russia and youth associations. Thematic platforms focused on such spheres as health care, ecology, housing and public utilities, education, development of the social sphere, improvement of the quality of life of the population and renovation of United Russia's staff.

According to Anatoly Bakayev, the secretary of the regional office of United Russia, today education of young professionals for the party's future staff renovation is among the priority tasks. "This includes not only creation of new solutions but also training of leaders. We need to rely on the youth. It is very important that young people participate in all future discussions and meetings. For you it is a great opportunity to express your opinion and to share the fresh perspective on common things, as well as a chance to get some valuable experience", - Anatoly Bakayev said.

On the same day, the head of the region has held a meeting with the youth delegation that will go to the large-scale educational forum of the Young Guard of United Russia, which will take place in Kazan from 15 to 21 April. The festival will be attended by about one thousand young people from all regions of the country. Discussion of the Address of the Russian President to Federal Assembly will become an important topic during the event in addition to education. As the Governor Sergey Morozov emphasized at the meeting, it is important to discuss and understand the tasks set in the Address together with young people.