Ulyanovsk region to develop measures for implementation of the energy efficiency improvement plan

During the staff meeting on 3 May, the Governor Sergey Morozov gave an assignment to the Prime Minister Alexander Smekalin to create within a month a working group, which will be responsible for this sphere.


On 19 April, Dmitry Medvedev (the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation) approved a comprehensive plan of actions to increase       energy efficiency of the Russian economy.

“According to Russian and foreign experts, this is one of the most important decisions today because the Government expects to reduce power consumption of economy by 23% by 2030. For this purpose, the document has information on how much it will be reduced and how it will increase energy efficiency year-wise. The power consumption in GDP shoulld be reduced by 123% until 2025. The Ulyanovsk region has been working to increase energy efficiency for several years. It is important to note that we conduct this work in all important spheres simultanuously. We sign energy service agreements, upgrade heat sources, as well as decrease consumption of fuel, energy and municipal resources by budgetary organizations through installation of energy conservation equipment and use of energy-efficient measures. It is obvious that today competitiveness of economy in both a single region and the country in general directly depends on the use of modern energy-efficient technologies”, - the Governor Sergey Morozov notes.

According to the regional Ministry of Industry, Construction, Housing and Utility Services and Transport, budgetary institutions have saved 215.9 million rubles following the results of 2017 thanks to reduced consumption of fuel, energy resources and utilities. According to the experts, this was achieved through installation of new energy conservation equipment and control of resources consumption.

Signing energy service agreements remains an important area of work in the sphere of energy efficiency. By now, the region has concluded 184 contracts worth 1 billion 427 million rubles and 295 million rubles will be saved. The annual cost saving makes 64 million rubles. Energy service agreements have been signed to install a system of weather regulation, to upgrade the system of street lighting, as well as to make boiler rooms use other type of fuel.

The comprehensive plan for increase of energy efficiency in the Russian Federation assumes implementation of programmes on construction and modernization of municipal infrastructure. In this sphere the Ulyanovsk region is implementing a programme on modernization of heat sources. Over two years, 62 heat sources in the region will be replaced for the total amount of half a billion rubles. At the moment, modernization has been completed in 28 facilities. By the new heating season, in the region will have installed 34 new boiler rooms.