Several wind farms with aggregate capacity of more than 250 megawatts to be built in the Ulyanovsk region over the next five years

The Governor Sergey Morozov announced this information at the session "Future energy: black or green?", which took place within the IV Russian-Japanese Forum "Common Ground" on 27 April.

“In modern environment successful investment is impossible without effective and ecologically safe power industry. That is why we have selected green energy as one of the main development spheres of the regional economy. Even today we are developing Russia's first wind power cluster. It is important for us to create a comfortable ecosystem for scientific research in this sphere, to ensure new ideas and implementation of the latest technologies up to the production phase and generation of demand, search for customers interested in innovative production and organization of export shipments for consumers worldwide. We have a lot of ambitious plans and we expect that over the next five years, several wind farms with aggregate capacity of more than 250 megawatts will be built in the Ulyanovsk region. In longer term this indicator will increase up to 600 megawatts”, - said the head of the region.

In 2015, an investment agreement on construction of the 35-megawatt pilot wind farm was signed with Fortum. Today this facility has been constructed and launched as a part of fourteen wind turbines; electrical power developed by it comes to the central energy network of the Ulyanovsk region. In addition, a consortium has been created in November 2016. It develops production of towers and blades for wind turbines with the use of composite materials. It is planned to start production within this project in 2019. On 15 February, Russia's first special investment contract in the field of alternative power engineering has been signed with Vestas (Denmark) at Investment Forum Sochi 2018.

In addition, the Governor Sergey Morozov mentioned in his speech that now the region is studying investment projects on production of solar batteries, which will be developed together with foreign companies. “Some investors in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region already use solar energy for their productions. For example, DMG MORI has built its own park of solar batteries, which provides electricity to the back-office of the company in Zavolzhye Industrial Park”, - the head of the region added.