Industrial park "Platforma" of PSEZ "Ulyanovsk" welcomes its first tenants

On 18 May, the Governor Sergey Morozov held a working meeting with companies that would place their production in the industrial park "Platforma" located in the territory of the port special economic zone.


“The new building is ready for business. There will be productions of mirrors for trucks and automatic doors for elevators. In addition, NTM Group, which helps us create the Russian-Chinese medical cluster, will soon begin its work. The first stage of the project's implementation starts this summer. The company plans to create assembly production of a portable smart medical device to evaluate patients' health on-the-spot, as well as portable ultrasound devices and digital detectors for X-ray ones. We could use such compact and modern equipment in public health facilities working in rural areas. In return, we will support residents of the industrial park in establishing business relations and promotion. This will help them enter new markets and become a part of cooperation chains”, – the head of the region said.

The industrial park "Platforma" is a four-storied complex of standard production and office rooms with the total area of 14 thousand square meters. The building can accommodate about 20 residents working in various spheres. The volume of investment from private companies into creation of the park was 450 million rubles.

It is planned to place in the territory adjacent to the building equipment for storage of freights, as well as parking lots for cars and lorries. In addition to complete infrastructure, tax benefits, and preferences provided in PSEZ, residents can choose free layout of rooms with a favorable rental rate.

“Today nice companies have confirmed their intention to become residents of the park; the total investment into hi-tech equipment for their projects will be 400 million rubles and nearly 300 new jobs will be created. These projects include a German company that will carry out production of car components in the park; another one from Russia will be engaged in production of automatic doors for elevators. NTM Group continues working on its own project”, - reported Oleg Barabanov, the Director General of AO "SEZ Ulyanovsk".

We would like to remind that AO "NTM Group" is implementing the project of the Russian-Chinese medical cluster in the Ulyanovsk region.

“In 2017, the alliance was created that consisted of 17 leaders among Chinese producers of medical equipment; today there are already 20 companies, including those that make medical equipment for the leading world companies such as Siemens, Philips and others. In the next months, we will begin delivering and installing equipment necessary to launch the production. We are going to start manufacturing goods by the end of the year”, – said Yu Zhihai, the Chairman of the Board of AO "NTM Group".

In the future, the company is planning to build its own enterprise in PSEZ.

According to Sergey Vasin, the Director General of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, residents are already interested in floor space of the new building. “Taking into account demand of investors for such platforms, we can tell that at the moment we still need two-three more such buildings. We are planning to construct them in the territory of the port special economic zone over the next two-three years”, – reported the head of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.