Ulyanovsk Region Government Is Preparing a Digital Transformation Strategy

The document will be developed by regions of the Russian Federation by order of President Vladimir Putin and will be submitted for approval to federal authorities in August 2021.

The head of the region Aleksey Russkikh held a meeting with a relevant regional government cluster, where he received a report on the progress in developing a digital transformation strategy for the Ulyanovsk region. He commented, “All of our systemic changes for public authorities should have a real impact and improve the well-being of the region's inhabitants. The public administration system in the Ulyanovsk region should become more dynamic, flexible, efficient. It must be based on accurate and objective data collected from different sources. We do not need tokenism as digitalization is not just for goods reports.”

Alexander Smekalin, Acting Chairman of the Regional Government, explained that the regional digital transformation strategy will be based on sectoral strategies in the form of target models.

“The Ulyanovsk region prepared foundation before addressing this problem - we already had target models of digitalization for each sector of economy and social sphere by the end of 2020. But it should be noted that digitalization does not mean computerization. It implies that industry experts receive necessary training and actively use information and communication technologies in their work, and that industries themselves introduce modern digital solutions. This is not just a trend but a real tool that makes it easier for residents to receive public services and interact with the authorities. It also increases effectiveness of public administration and reduces costs,” commented Alexander Smekalin.

A Center for Digital Transformation has been created at the Agency for Technological Development. It coordinates three priority areas in the field of digital development: implementation of regional projects within the national programme "Digital Economy", development of the IT industry, and strategic management used to achieve “digital maturity” in key sectors of the economy and the social sphere of the Ulyanovsk region.

“Regional ministries and departments have already presented and defended their target models. Project statements and sectoral strategies for digital transformation will be developed based on them by 15 June,” said Vadim Pavlov, Director General of the Ulyanovsk Region Agency for Technological Development.

The Agency and the Center for Strategic Studies are in charge of the regional digital transformation strategy development.

When it comes to digital public services, inhabitants of the region are one of the most active users in the country. Ninety nine percent of the active population in the region is registered in the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA) - this result takes the tenth place in Russia and the first place among the regions of the Volga Federal District.

By order of the head of the region Aleksey Russkikh, all services used for government needs should be combined into a single digital environment. The regional government needs to evaluate the current control system for digital transformation processes and prepare proposals for its optimization.

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The main tasks were set for the regions to achieve indicators of the national objective "digital transformation" in accordance with Russia’s national development goals through 2030. They must increase the share of essential social services available online to 95 percent, the share of households with broadband internet access to 97 percent, and investment in Russian information technology solutions four-fold compared to 2019. Another important task is to achieve “digital maturity” in key sectors of the economy and in social services, including healthcare and education, as well as public governance.