Branded Ulyanovsk-Moscow Double-Decker Train to Start Making Trips in 2021

Aleksey Russkikh (Acting Governor of Ulyanovsk Region) and Vyacheslav Dmitriev (Head of the Kuibyshev Railway) discussed development of the railway industry in the region at a meeting on 16 June.

New carriages will be available at other routes too.

“Sixteen carriages will be available in September-October, and by the end of the year another thirty-two will be used to assemble a train on the route Ulyanovsk - Moscow - Yoshkar-Ola - Moscow - Cheboksary - Moscow - Ulyanovsk. Investment amounted to 8.4 billion rubles. For this purpose, we are currently reconstructing the Ulyanovsk-1 station so that it could service double-decker trains,” said Vyacheslav Dmitriev.

According to Aleksey Russkikh, ecology was another important topic during the meeting.

He said, “We talked about landslides in Ulyanovsk, our arrangements with Russian Railways to prevent forest fires, and the way to remove accumulated environmental damage to Vinnovskaya Grove. Russian Railways have also confirmed that they will release double-decker carriages for the Ulyanovsk-Moscow route this year. We discussed plans to repair railway platforms and to improve the adjacent territory. Special attention was paid to security issues: the region continues building modern pedestrian crossings with traffic lights.”

The participants also discussed construction of new crossings, accelerated extension of the tunnel to the third platform at the railway station "Ulyanovsk-Central", and development of suburban traffic in popular areas. In particular, Russian Railways proposed to introduce commuter trains along the new routes "Ulyanovsk - Kazan" and "Verhnyaya Terrasa - Studencheskaya". Modern RA-3 Orlan railbuses were suggested for this purpose.

As part of the programme to improve road safety from the funds of the federal budget, it is planned to build three overcrossings in the region and to close the ones in Gaya Avenue, along Akademika Pavlova Street and at the cross section of Fasadnaya and Khvatkova Streets.

The parties also agreed to create a museum complex at Ulyanovsk railway station. The company is currently repairing the second floor of the building. The region, in turn, will prepare a design for the future museum which will show the region's history.