Ulyanovsk Region Placed Among Leaders in Innovation Development Ranking

In the overall ranking, the region takes the twelfth place among regions of Russia, having moved up eight places compared to results of the previous research carried out by the Higher School of Economics.

The Ulyanovsk region is also the second in terms of scientific and technological potential.

“The region has been among the top five territories on scientific and technological potential throughout almost all of the rating's history. We have maintained our rather high positions according to many indicators. We were able to rise from the eleventh place to the second in terms of advanced production technologies development,” said Nikolai Zontov, Acting Minister of Economic Development and Industry of Ulyanovsk Region.

The rating of regions, which is based on the index of scientific and technological potential, is a comprehensive assessment of such components as human and financial resources, publication and patent activities, and development of advanced production technologies. The rating's first group includes seven territories: Tomsk, Ulyanovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and Tyumen regions, as well as such cities as St. Petersburg and Moscow.

As a reference:

For almost ten years, the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge at the National Research University "Higher School of Economics" has been making the innovative development rating of regions of the Russian Federation that is used as a professional analytics tool to develop regional policy. It is based on a hierarchical assessment system that compares regions' indicators on the overall level of innovative development, the quality of human capital and regional policy, the potential for digitalization, the scientific and technological development, and other indicators.