Ulyanovsk to Open Center for Advanced Vocational Training

This facility will be created at Ulyanovsk Multidisciplinary Technical College as part of the national project "Education". It will start working in the new academic year.

 According to the Ministry of Education and Upbringing of Ulyanovsk Region, the Center for Advanced Vocational Training (CAVT) will educate, retrain and improve the skills of students for the most popular and future-oriented professions in accordance with international WorldSkills standards. It will also become a new venue for interactions between educational institutions and employers.

Currently, the building that will be used for CAVT in the future is undergoing major repairs. About 45 million rubles were provided for this purpose. The facility will have transforming halls, coworking space, a media zone, a project room, a computer class, a lecture hall, and more. About 20 million rubles were used to purchase necessary equipment. It is planned that about four thousand people will be trained here every year.

“President Vladimir Putin set the task to create about 100 such institutions throughout Russia by 2024. The first 25 centers were opened in 2019, and the same number was commissioned in 2020. Any citizen aged from 12 to 65 can receive help here or find a job. We cooperate with potential employers,” said Sergey Malyoshin, Acting Head of the Ulyanovsk Region Center for Advanced Vocational Training.