Ulyanovsk Region: Twelve New Investment Facilities Built and More Than One Thousand Jobs Created in 2021

The main results of this year's investment activities were summed up at a meeting of the Investment Council, which took place on 15 December and was chaired by Governor Aleksey Russkikh.

The head of the region said, “We aim to develop investment activities, as well as to attract new investment projects and support their further implementation. We guarantee continuity of the investment agenda and our commitment to producing renewable energy and reducing our carbon footprint. The Investment Declaration of Ulyanovsk Region has been developed for these aims, and it will be signed in the near future. It will contain a list of the region's obligations to investors regarding implementation of investment projects.”

During the meeting, Marina Alekseeva, Acting First Deputy Prime Minister, reported on how the new investment cycle went and the outcome of this work. Among the new tools is a federal one called 'infrastructure menu', which the Ulyanovsk region is actively using. In 2021, a public loan was obtained for construction of four production buildings in Zavolzhye Industrial Park and Ulyanovsk Port Special Economic Zone. These premises were leased to investors to implement their new projects. “Thanks to the first tranche of 2.5 billion rubles, we are planning to build facilities with the total area of 47.9 thousand square meters. We estimate that during the loan service period, tax and non-tax revenues of the region's consolidated budget will total about 9 billion rubles, which is three times as much as the amount we took, including interest,” said Marina Alekseeva.

According to Sergey Vasin, Director General of Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, twelve new projects came to the region in 2021 with total assets of over 27 billion rubles. These include investors from Russia, the USA, Turkey, Germany. Twelve facilities worth over 6.1 billion rubles were built, and over one thousand jobs were created. Nine investors with projects with a total value of 18 billion rubles have started construction too. As a result, about 1200 new jobs will be provided.

Among the largest implemented projects was the first stage of Arkhbum plant for production of corrugated packaging and board, plant of PK "Sedrus Povolzhie" that will make dry construction mixes, toy factory of Polesie DG, and the laboratory and manufacturing complex of VIAM Ulyanovsk Scientific-Technological Center (USTC "VIAM").

Among the new investment projects is the Ball plant for production of aluminum beverage packaging with the announced investment of record 13 billion rubles. This is the largest investment project of the year. The plant will be equipped with modern waste treatment facilities, as well as high-speed innovative equipment

that will make up to two thousand aluminum cans per minute. The first production line is to be commissioned in 2023. There will be up to two hundred new jobs.

Speaking about investment plans for 2022, the head of the Development Corporation noted that it was planned to complete implementation of nine projects with the total investment of about 6 billion rubles, which would create about 1000 new jobs. These include launch of the second stage of Nemak plant, projects of such companies as Galen, Plant, DauAksa Rus and Martur, as well as the second stage of MARS pet center, and contruction of Radisson congress hall.