Ulyanovsk Regional Oncology Center Receives over 130 Units of High-Tech Equipment

The region continues improving oncological services. This will enhance the quality of diagnosis and early-stage detection of diseases, as well as allow to provide medical treatment in a timely manner and reduce cancer mortality.

Under the regional programme "Cancer Control", five pieces of equipment worth 164.4 million rubles were purchased in 2021. They include a computed tomography scanner, radiodiagnostic and endovideoscopic complexes, an ultrasound diagnostic unit with a sensor for open and laparoscopic surgery, and a robotic system for histodiagnosis and immunohistochemical analysis.

According to Vladimir Smirnov, Head Doctor of Ulyanovsk Regional Oncology Center, 134 units of medical equipment worth 798 million rubles have been installed in the facility since 2019. It is planned to purchase twelve units of equipment (169 million rubles) next year and another six (53 million rubles) in 2023. In general, the programme's funding for four years is 1.1 billion rubles. The oncology center has almost all necessary staff and the latest equipment.

According to the Ministry of Health of Ulyanovsk Region, the region sees positive dynamics across several target indicators that define the quality of oncological services. For example, cancer mortality was reduced by 5.5% over the past five years. In addition, the detection rate of early-stage neoplasms increased by 3.3%.

Patients with oncological diseases or suspected ones are already examined with the use of the new radiodiagnostic unit.

“The remotely controlled diagnostic suite is easy to operate. It has fully motorized mechanisms, thanks to which patient can be examined in various planes and projections without changing their position. This machine does not require X-ray film packs as the old equipment did. The device automatically transmits images to the control station where we immediately study the picture and make a diagnosis,” commented Anna Ponomarenko, a radiotherapist of the Radiology Department at Ulyanovsk Regional Oncology Center.

More than ten thousand Ulyanovsk residents undergo treatment in the oncology center every year. The most common cancer types are breast, skin and lung ones.

“We were very pleased to receive such a modern device. The new computed tomography scanner processes a great amount of information per second and accelerates the examination. Modern equipment has high-quality imaging and helps to evaluate tumor's position including the one in regard to vessels, which helps surgeons during an operation. All employees were trained to work with this device,” said radiologist Maria Vladimirkina.

All rooms were repaired before installation of the large equipment; about five million rubles were allocated for this purpose.