Ulyanovsk Region: Construction of Nine Investment Facilities Started in 2021 to Create 1,200 New Jobs

The head of the region Aleksey Russkikh announced this at a press conference on 19 January.

He said, “Last year, nine investors began building production facilities under their projects worth over 17.5 billion rubles. They are planning to employ about 1,200 residents of the Ulyanovsk region.”

He also emphasized that it was still important to increase the region's own income by expanding the tax base. “The region's previous government has made significant efforts in attracting investments and we will certainly continue this work, but will also focus on new areas. The social component is our priority, as well as the residents' interests. So, one of the main criteria for investors coming to the region is that the salary level should be higher than the region's average.”

The major investment projects, which implementation began in 2021, include an aluminum beverage packaging plant of Ball Corporation, a new building for the Nemak automotive components manufacturing plant, and Plant facility for production of special-purpose motor vehicles. MARS will also upgrade its pet food factory and start construction of the pet center's second stage. These facilities are to be commissioned in 2022-2023.

According to the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, it is also planned to launch several other investment projects this year. A composite materials manufacturing plant will be built to help with production of wind turbine blades by DauAksa Rus LLC in Ulyanovsk PSEZ; Martur will expand capacities of its enterprise; and Arkhbum will start working on the second and third stages of its corrugated cardboard production facility. Legran will finish construction of its electrical equipment manufacturing plant in Zavolzhye Industrial Park, and a congress hall should also be completed in Radisson Hotel.

During the press conference, the Governor added that the Government keeps working on attracting new investors. He commented, “I am personally engaged in a dialogue with several major potential investors. There are good prospects, but I will announce them only when the results of our negotiations become clear.”

As a reference:

In 2021, construction of twelve new investment facilities was completed in the region, which created more than 1000 jobs. The major projects included the first stage of Arkhbum corrugated cardboard production plant, Sedrus Povolzhie facility for production of dry construction mixes, Polesie DG toy factory, and VIAM lab and manufacturing unit for production of polymer composite materials.