Ulyanovsk Region Concludes Cooperation Agreement with Rostec State Corporation

The document was signed during a working meeting between Governor Aleksey Russkikh, Alexander Pan (Director General at KRET JSC) and Alexander Voit (Director General at Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau JSC (UKBP); Chairman of the Ulyanovsk branch of Russian Engineering Union).

The agreement's key objective is to improve mutual cooperation between the parties for the further development of UKBP production facilities, better performance, product competitiveness and workers well-being.

“Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau employs almost three thousand people and is an innovative aircraft construction enterprise, as well as one of the largest and most significant components of the region's manufacturing and scientific potential. Of course, the plant can count on support from the Government. The first task is to provide qualified personnel. This issue is relevant for both the region in general and the aviation industry in particular. We are working to improve the quality of professional education and to make the Ulyanovsk region a more attractive place to live in,” said Aleksey Russkikh.

Alexander Pan announced that UKBP is included in the list of strategic enterprises of the Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET).

“Today, our Ulyanovsk enterprise has the task to start serial production of new airborne equipment for the key domestic aircraft, as well as to increase the output for helicopter, medical, oil and gas industries. To do this, we continue upgrading our Ulyanovsk facility. In 2021, more than 159 million rubles were invested in production development. This, in turn, also creates new jobs. At the same time, it is very important for us to provide good wages. Starting from 1 January, 2022, salaries of the main production workers and employees of UKBP research and technology center have been increased by 30-35%, while auxiliary personnel received a 15-20% raise,” said Alexander Pan, Director General at KRET JSC of Rostec State Corporation.

According to him, KRET's management is also exploring the possibility to expand social packages for UKBP employees. In particular, this refers to reducing mortgage rates and providing rent-free housing.

A working meeting was held with representatives of regional development institutions towards the end of Alexander Pan's visit to the Ulyanovsk region. During it, investment potential of the Ulyanovsk region and a project to create a radio-electronic technology park were presented to the head of KRET.