Ulyanovsk: Bridgestone Plant to Increase Its Output

Aleksey Russkikh visited the facility on 7 February and discussed development plans with Jeffrey Glover, Director General at Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing C.I.S. LLC.

Aleksey Russkikh commented, “Bridgestone plant is developing dynamically. The facility manufactured five million tires in December. The company itself invests in new equipment and increases the output. The plant works on development plans, which shows that it has a future. For our part, we will provide any assistance one might need.”

The plant's product line includes tires (for cars, crossovers and SUVs) with sizes ranging from 13 to 19 inches, as well as ones that are homologated to be delivered to car manufacturers as original equipment. The facility is different from all others because it makes tires using modern innovative technologies and specifically for the Russian market, taking into account its harsh winters.

Currently, the plant is using its full capacity - compared to the beginning of 2021, the output has increased by 30%. The enterprise has also created 100 new jobs over the past year, so now more than nine hundred and fifty Ulyanovsk residents are working there.

As Jeffrey Glover noted, 2021 was an important year for Bridgestone in Russia. The brand received the Brand No.1 in Russia award. The Ulyanovsk enterprise started utilizing its capacity more efficiently, and its daily production rate reached record levels. The sales volume has also increased and made it possible to expand the product line and to enter new markets. “We want to grow and develop here, in the region, so it is necessary to improve our production indicators. We hope that they will reach 10 and 15 million tires soon. We also want to invest additional funds in development of the company and to create new jobs,” said Jeffrey Glover.

Sergey Vasin, Director General of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, said that the company invested over 900 million rubles in the development of its facility in Ulyanovsk in 2021 alone. The plant currently employs almost one thousand people, whose salaries are regularly increased.

As a reference:

Bridgestone plant has been operating in Zavolzhye Industrial Park since December 2016. It was then that the first saleable tire was made.

Currently, Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing C.I.S. LLC is actively developing its export and is coming to new markets. Products made at the Ulyanovsk enterprise are shipped to the CIS states (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia)

and Europe (Finland, Sweden and Norway). Germany and Poland will be added to this list in the near future.