Ulyanovsk Region Included in TOP-3 of the Volga Federal District on Industrial Growth in 2021

Last January-December, the Industrial Production Index (IPI) amounted to 113.3%, with an average of 105.3% in the Russian Federation.

The Ulyanovsk region's industrial production index showed the best results in the last five years. The region took the third place in the Volga Federal District, losing only to the Nizhny Novgorod and Kirov regions.

The Ulyanovsk region is also third in the processing industry: the IPI here reached 114.3%, (the country's average is 105%).

Production of computers, electronic and optical devices was among the leaders of 2021 and reached 134.6%. Such companies as FNPTs NPO Mars and Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau JSC influenced this index the most.

In the textile production sector, the IPI amounted to 140.7% in 2021 thanks to such enterprises as SAAS Teks Invest LLC, Kovroteks-M LLC and Nomatex LLC.

The high index in production of rubber and plastic items (133.2%) was most notably ensured by Himteks-RTI LLC, Ulplast LLC and Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing C.I.S. LLC.

The index of 126.5% was achieved in production of electrical equipment with the help of Avtosvet LLC and Dimitrovgrad ZhgutKomplekt LLC.

Vehicles, trailers and semi-trailer manufacturing industry also showed good dynamics - 118.8%. The result here was most influenced by the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ), which output increased by 16% in 2021 compared to the one in 2020. UAZ-Avtokomponent LLC, Dimitrovgrad Valve Plant, Federal-Mogul Dimitrovgrad LLC and Simaz LLC also improved their production results.

In addition to the processing industry, there are several others that also saw an increase in their industrial production index for 2021. They include mining (101.8% and the nineth place in the Volga Federal District), energy, gas, steam generation (107.5% and the seventh place), and water supply and disposal (108.3% and the nineth place).

“We have a goal to reach the annual output growth of at least 103%, which we will achieve using various mechanisms. This includes improving labour efficiency, developing current production facilities, attracting investors and co-financing from the federal budget, opening new enterprises, and supporting promising sectors, such as production of electrical equipment, cardboard items and components for alternative energy sources. We will also promote products made by regional manufacturers at the domestic and foreign markets. We are going to

implement all these mechanisms with the help of the Competence Center for Industry Development, which was created in 2021,” said Nikolai Zontov, Minister of Economic Development and Industry of Ulyanovsk Region.