Ulyanovsk Region in Russia's Top Five for Implementation of "Gosuslugi. Solving Problems Together" Feedback Platform in 2021

The results were presented by the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation (Minkomsvyaz). The rating took into account approved legislative acts, the share of organizations using widgets, and other parameters.

Using the feedback platform, you can automatically redirect incoming inquiries to necessary operator, as well as organize public voting and control the speed and quality of answers.

According Oleg Yagfarov, Director of the regional government agency "Government for Citizens", the region ranks fourth among the leaders of Russia in implementation of the feedback platform "Gosuslugi. Solving Problems Together". People find it convenient to communicate with government agencies in the digital format. Citizens can quickly send their inquiries to specific departments using a special form on the website, a mobile application "Gosuslugi. Solving Problems Together", or special tabs posted on official government websites.

“The status and results are displayed in the personal profile on the Public Services Portal. The feedback platform is introduced as part of the federal project "Digital Public Administration" within the Digital Economy national programme. Currently, the system has more than 1200 profiles for government agencies and subordinate and other organizations, as well as almost 4 thousand accounts for their employees,” said Oleg Yagfarov.

The official sites now have more than one thousand widgets that receive messages from citizens. Currently, all executive authorities and local government bodies of the Ulyanovsk region are connected to the platform. In total, more than 65.6 thousand citizens' appeals were reviewed through Gosuslugi in 2021.

Specialists of the Ulyanovsk Region Management Center analyze on a monthly basis how the region's executive authorities and local government bodies work with messages from residents on the feedback platform "Gosuslugi. Solving Problems Together". The assessment evaluates the speed and quality of the officials' replies, as well as how satisfied the submitter was with the result.

In January, the rating's leaders among the government agencies included the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Demographics, Family Policy and Social Welfare, the Agency for State Construction and Housing Supervision, the Ministry of Physical Education and Sports, and the Ministry of Energy, Housing, Utilities and Urban Environment. The leading municipalities are Dimitrovgrad and Ulyanovsk, as well as many districts, such as Pavlovsky, Nikolaevsky, Ulyanovsky, Cherdaklinsky, Novospassky,

Novomalyklinsky, Veshkaymsky and Bazarnosyzgansky, Sursky, Tsilninsky, Kuzovatovsky, Radishchevsky, Staromaynsky and Mainsky.

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You can send an inquiry through either the feedback platform at https://www.gosuslugi.ru/10091/1 or widgets on official websites of government authorities. The application "Gosuslugi. Solving Problems Together" is available on AppStore and GooglePlay.