Ulyanovsk Region Government Enters into Cooperation Agreement with Glavgosexpertiza

The document was signed by Governor Alexey Russkikh and Igor Manylov, Head of the Glavgosexpertiza, at a working meeting in Moscow on 25 February.

The agreement includes cooperation in legal and technical regulation, implementation of innovative and national projects, price survey for construction resources, as well as joint development of innovative technologies, which includes introduction of information modeling technologies. The participants also discussed the region's work on the Unified Digital Platform for Expertise.

“The Unified Digital Platform for Expertise is a project of federal importance, and each region should participate in it directly. We can influence development of the platform, contribute our suggestions to make it better and more suitable for our own needs. Thus, the system, which we all are interested in, will become more convenient and efficient for each user. For its part, the Ulyanovsk region is ready for joint activities,” said Alexey Russkikh.

Igor Manylov also mentioned that the Unified Digital Platform for Expertise is a tool that brings together experts from the whole country into a single information field and helps to change the entire sphere of construction expertise, transforming it from the inside. He commented, “We have a challenge not only to provide the industry with another digital product, but also to improve the investment and construction cycle itself, to make its stages work in unison, to introduce construction engineering and information modeling technologies, and to learn how to manage data. The regions' interest in this work is of paramount importance because despite being supported at the federal level, changes start at the bottom - when everyone is ready for them and cooperation.”