Ulyanovsk Region Is Working on New Measures to Support Business in Response to Sanctions

Governor Alexey Russkikh announced it at a plenary meeting of the regional Business Women's Forum, which took place on 11 March.

The head of the region commented, “In the current economic environment, it is particularly important for us to support local manufacturers. The women's business community in the Ulyanovsk region has developed initiatives to reduce administrative barriers, to support the self-employed and to facilitate several business activities. We will definitely help to convey this message to authorities at the federal level. At the regional one, we are now revising loan agreements to provide more favorable conditions for businesses.”

He also said that it is planned to extend the salary support programme, the deadline for local taxes and the moratorium on business inspections until the end of 2022. Programmes of preferential lending and loan restructuring will also be available. It is planned to extend compensations of expenses on the national Faster Payments System.

Initiatives proposed by the Ulyanovsk region's entrepreneurs include a possible social property tax deduction for training of self-employed people, as well as preservation of the disability pension for registered individual entrepreneurs.

Some proposals aim to simplify the registration procedure for activities between the self-employed and the entrepreneur, as well as interactions with supervisory authorities. Another important sphere is development of children's summer recreation, which should receive state support.

Ruslan Gainetdinov, Head of the regional My Business center, mentioned that a number of products are no longer supplied to Russia due to the sanctions, which means that many entrepreneurs now have various niches and new opportunities opened for them. And authorities both at the federal and regional levels are currently developing support measures to help businesses survive this period, as well as to reduce temporary product shortages.