Ulyanovsk Region to Test the Social Service Procurement Mechanism

The project aims to improve the quality and accessibility of budgetary services for the population by analyzing consumers' opinion, attracting non-governmental organizations and creating a healthy competitive environment.

The Ulyanovsk region will conduct social research to test the mechanisms of social service procurement law. This work will be carried out at the site of the Public Chamber. Marina Alekseeva, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Ulyanovsk Region, and Natalya Tamarova, Chairman of the Public Chamber, signed the necessary cooperation plan for 2022.

According to Marina Alekseeva, currently, budgetary services are provided in the social sphere mainly by state organizations, while privately held companies rarely have the opportunity to get funding from the budget to offer such assistance. To address this problem, the Federal Law "On State Social Service Procurement" was adopted.

“Launch of such a project in the region will create equal conditions for state and commercial enterprises in the selected competitive field. I believe that this will help us create proper conditions to improve the quality of social services and, in turn, to increase residents' satisfaction in the Ulyanovsk region,” said Marina Alekseeva.

Veronika Sergeyeva, Deputy Director of the Department for Legal Regulation of Budget Relations of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, pointed out that the Ulyanovsk region is one of the first places to implement the law on state social service procurement. She said, “Currently, the region has selected two areas: in-home services and provision of professional training or additional vocational education. The list of services might be expanded in the future.”

The Ministry of Finance of Ulyanovsk Region provides coaching during drafting and approval of testing plans and performance indicators. “We also provide money for the project and monitor intended expenditures of budget funds,” said Natalya Bryukhanova, Acting Minister of Finance of Ulyanovsk Region.