Ulyanovsk Region Signs Several Agreements to Develop Domestic Tourism

On 22 March, Governor Alexey Russkikh listened to the report on the agreements reached by the Ulyanovsk region's delegation at Intourmarket and MITT international travel fairs.

The events took place from 12 to 17 March in Moscow. The region's delegation included representatives of tour operators, museums, leading treatment centers, travel agencies and souvenir manufacturers.
According to Denis Ilyin, Director of the Ulyanovsk Region Tourism Agency, cooperation agreements were concluded with the Saratov and Penza regions, the Udmurt Republic, Perm Krai, the City of Federal Significance of Sevastopol. Another document was signed between the region, the National Association of Tourism Organizations and the Orenburg Region Tourist Information Centre. A roadmap for cooperation with the Republic of Mari El has also been approved.
It was agreed to include the Ulyanovsk region in the sales system of the Russian Railway Tours as part of the interregional project "Memoriable Weekend in the Volga Region". The company will soon begin selling package tours from Moscow to Ulyanovsk, and the first guests under the programme will come in May. In addition, the region can now place information about its sights in new double-decker carriages that will run along the Moscow-Ulyanovsk route.
At a meeting with the management of The Most Beautiful Villages of Russia Association, which brings together rural settlements with an outstanding historical, cultural and natural heritage, it was agreed to include several villages in the project. These are Kotyakovo (Karsunsky District), Novaya Khanineevka (Baryshsky District) and Kivat (Kuzovatovsky District). Negotiations were also held with experts of the Tour Operators Association regarding inclusion of the region's brand route "Dvoryanin na Volge" ("Nobleman on the Volga") in the list of National tourist routes. This option will be considered for the route in Undoria Geopark too. As noted by Denis Ilyin, Director of the Agency for Tourism, these activities will increase the tourist flow to the region.
In addition, meetings on content partnership were held at the venues of international events.
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Intourmarket and MITT international travel fairs are the main presentation events for the tourism industry in Russia. Their venues are designed to facilitate dialogue and establish business communications between tour companies from around the world. Participants can also present their region to market players, which include associations, tour operators, travel agencies, and authorities of all types.