Ulyanovsk Region to Present Its Initiatives for Business Environment Improvement to the Federal Level

Governor Alexey Russkikh announced this on 28 March. The event took place during the report presentation by Ekaterina Tolchina (Regional Commissioner for the Rights of Entrepreneurs) where she talked about the work done in 2021.

Alexey Russkikh noted, “I am reviewing a number of initiatives to improve the business environment, and we will definitely bring them to the federal level. For example, one of them suggests mandatory assessment of the regulatory impact of legal drafts connected with tax policy for business. It is important for us that all proposals were developed in close dialogue with the local business community.”
In 2021, employees of the regional business ombudsman's office provided targeted aid to almost three thousand small and medium-sized enterprises. They reviewed 2.7 thousand oral requests and 16 collective appeals from 682 business entities and offered them legal assistance. Most requests and inquiries received were connected with work under the pandemic-related restrictions, debts to entrepreneurs, and tax issues. Over the year, the debt burden under state contracts was significantly eased thanks to joint efforts.
According to Ekaterina Tolchina, the proposals submitted to the head of the region to adjust federal and regional legislation were developed with due consideration of complaints and appeals received.
As a reference:
According to the Unified Register of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, the Ulyanovsk Region has more than forty-one thousand entities as of 10 January, 2022.