Ulyanovsk Region Develops New Measures for Business Support

Governor Alexey Russkikh listened to a report regarding several additional opportunities. The event took place during a meeting on 29 March where participants discussed integrated development of the region.

The head of the region emphasized that it was necessary to keep the track of how many business entities had applied for support measures to determine their effectiveness.
Firstly, it is proposed to provide businesses with a rent respite for public property for a period of one year, followed by installments for rent payments for two years. The same measure is recommended to the heads of districts in terms of municipal property and land.
Secondly, due to the sharp increase in logistics expenses, it is proposed to subsidize companies up to 50% of the costs connected with transportation of goods for regional manufacturers.
The third measure aims to support self-employed citizens.
“There are 23 thousand registered self-employed workers in the Ulyanovsk region and their number is increasing every day - we get between 800 and 1000 new people every month. At the same time, lending companies do not provide loans to this category. In this regard, we propose to expand the range of services of the Industry and Entrepreneurship Financing Fund and to introduce a new preferential product for the self-employed, which will increase the loan limit to one million rubles without bond,” said Marina Alekseeva, First Deputy Prime Minister.