Ulyanovsk Region Opens New Direct Logistics Route from China

The first accelerated container train, which goes from Chengdu to Ulyanovsk, came to the region on 4 April.

Earlier, Governor Alexey Russkikh instructed competent authorities to examine convenient and affordable logistics channels for cargo deliveries from the People's Republic of China.
Thanks to the new route, Ulyanovsk companies will receive door-to-door materials and goods from East Asia in a short time frame, which will provide them with necessary raw materials and prevent a halt in production due to sanctions. It takes the train (with 50 carriages) from 15 to 20 days to arrive in Ulyanovsk, which decreases the delivery time by three weeks on average.
The route was designed together with VAVS, a regional logistics company.
According to Ruslan Gainetdinov, Head of the regional My Business center, the new route will become an alternative to the Moscow railway junction that is now overloaded due to the increased number of shipments from China. Currently, efforts are now being made to explore the possibility of setting up an eastern logistics hub in Ulyanovsk. It is planned that containers from Chengdu will be unloaded here and sent not only to local companies, but also to the Volga regions.
“The Ulyanovsk region became the first place to develop and launch a new direct logistics route from China in the shortest time possible. In the future, we can become a fully functional hub that will store and send goods to all neighboring regions. A full range of logistics and customs services will be available for businesses as part the international project. This way domestic enterprises can receive necessary industrial components and raw materials in short order, which is extremely important in today's environment,” said Ruslan Gainetdinov.