Ulyanovsk Region Concludes Agreements on Export Cooperation with Companies from Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

The documents were signed in the presence of Governor Alexey Russkikh at the exhibition-forum "Made in Ulyanovsk Region".

The agreements provide for export cooperation and creation of a shared trade and logistics infrastructure. Each country is to establish a trade hub that will sell products made by manufacturers from the Ulyanovsk region.
Such centers are also supposed to assist regional entrepreneurs in finding new contacts, negotiating, concluding export agreements and developing logistics.
As noted by Ruslan Gainetdinov, Head of the regional My Business center, more than 400 companies of the Ulyanovsk region had supplied their goods to foreign markets by the end of 2021. They exported cars and automotive components, radiopharmaceuticals, electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, machines, and furniture. Due to the current changes in business climate, many entrepreneurs are actively looking for new markets to sell their products at and are also reorganizing their supply chains. The agreement should assist local manufacturers in these activities.
During the forum, Ulyanovsk businesspeople were also able to take part in procurement sessions with such major retail chains as Lenta and Gulliver. The parties discussed possible cooperation, and, as a result, preliminary agreements were concluded to supply goods to not only the Ulyanovsk region, but also several other Russian territories.