Chengdu-Ulyanovsk Direct Container Train to Become Regular in June

Alexey Russkikh, Governor of Ulyanovsk Region, announced it during the meeting for integrated development of the region, which took place on 17 May.

He said, “We continue to systematically readjust the real economy in our region to make it work under sanctions. One of the important tasks today is to help Ulyanovsk enterprises solve their logistics problems connected with supply of raw materials, components and equipment. To ensure their continuous operation in March, we have launched a new project: a direct container train that runs between China and the Ulyanovsk region. We decided that it will become a regular thing.”

It is planned that the train will come once every two months. The Port Special Economic Zone will serve as a logistics operator and deliver goods for customs clearance.

According to specialists of the Port Special Economic Zone "Ulyanovsk", delivery services will be provided to local entrepreneurs almost at cost price. Chengdu railway station in Sichuan is the consolidation point in China. In Ulyanovsk, the cargo will come to Ulyanovsk-3 station and then get distributed to suppliers in different regions.

The regular route will ensure stable supply of products and raw materials for enterprises working in the region. This project will also significantly reduce the delivery time: the average period is 2-3 months, while the train will need only 14-20 days.

Currently, companies of the Ulyanovsk region can still submit their applications for participation in the project. For further information, call (8422) 24-94-17 or 89378744424 (Koptelov Alexander Evgenievich, Deputy Director General for Investor Relations at PSEZ "Ulyanovsk").

As a reference:

In 2021, one hundred and eight companies of the Ulyanovsk region delivered materials, raw products and goods from China. Together with the Center for Industrial Development, which houses the Subcontracting Center, PSEZ Ulyanovsk has reviewed more than 400 enterprises to evaluate their demand for such supplies.