Ulyanovsk Region: 8,373 New Jobs Created Since the Beginning of 2022

The labor market situation was discussed at the meeting for integrated development of the region, which took place on 24 May and was chaired by Governor Alexey Russkikh.

According to specialists of the Ulyanovsk Region Agency for Human Potential and Labor Development, four thousand five hundred ninety-one jobs were created by small and medium-sized businesses: 741 of them are part of investment projects, 2235 belong to the trade sphere, 1204 were established in the production sector, and 767 are available in agriculture. Most jobs were created in Ulyanovsk (4952), Dimitrovgrad (673) and Baryshsky District (197).

According Egor Ivanov, Head of the Agency, the situation on the regional labor market remains stable. He commented, “There were no significant changes in the period from 24 February to 24 May. The Ulyanovsk region takes the third place in the Volga Federal District on registered unemployment. The number of jobs is constantly increasing and today their number has reached 17,994. There are five openings per one unemployed person. The most sought after are specialists for working professions - there are 14,095 job offers just for them.”

The employment services, now also assisted by Novospassky, Cherdaklinsky and Ulyanovsky Districts, continue helping people who arrived from the Luhansk and Donetsk Peoples Republics, Ukraine. As of 24 May, forty-one people have found jobs.