Ulyanovsk Region: More Than 600 Women Apply for Training Within Demography National Project

Women who are on parental leave until the child reaches the age of three, as well as non-employed women raising children under seven, can master a new profession or upgrade their skills.

According to the Ulyanovsk Region Agency for Human Potential and Labor Development, 215 applications have been approved and 83 women are already taking courses.

As noted by the head of agency Egor Ivanov, the Employment Promotion project under the national project "Demography" helps women increase their competitive ability on the labor market: get relevant skill sets that will enable them to apply for the best job and salary or change their career field and choose a desirable profession.

Today, more than 500 educational programmes are available to the public. The most popular areas international marketplaces manager (to work with Wildberries, Ozon and Yandex Market according to the WorldSkills standards), 1C programmer, tester, apparel cutter and hairdresser.

After the training, all women who have completed their chosen course receive a diploma or a certificate. One can participate in the employment promotion programme as part of the project only once to get free training.

The application can be submitted at https://trudvsem.ru/