First Regular Direct Container Train Comes to Ulyanovsk from China

The new logistics route is now working on a regular basis by order of Governor Alexey Russkikh. On 18 July, the train delivered 56 containers from Sichuan, China, to Ulyanovsk-3 Station.

“We have organized regular deliveries to address logistical challenges of enterprises working in the current economic conditions. It is rather difficult for them to assume all these risks and solve the issues on their own. Considering our agreement with the logistics operator, enterprises save up to 30% on deliveries. The project is quite advantageous, in particular for enterprises of the Volga Federal District. We are going to develop it and make Ulyanovsk the center of the logistics railway network,” said Vladimir Razumkov, Chairman of the Ulyanovsk Region Government who welcomed the first train.

The project will ensure a stable supply of commodities for enterprises in the Ulyanovsk region and neighboring territories. It will also significantly reduce the delivery time and expenses. Port Special Economic Zone (PSEZ) management company acts as the operator.

The first regular direct container train delivered manufacturing equipment, raw materials and components. Ulyanovsk-3 Station will oversee all necessary custom duties. After it, the goods will be shipped to enterprises in the Ulyanovsk region and neighboring territories.

According to Oleg Barabanov, Director General of PSEZ "Ulyanovsk", the delivery time for goods coming from China to Ulyanovsk will be 12-18 days on average. Currently, there are three delivery agreements. The next train is on the way to the border crossing in Zabaikalsk, while the third one will come to Ulyanovsk in mid-August.