Ulyanovsk Region Government and Gazprombank Conclude a Cooperation Agreement

The document was signed by Governor Alexey Russkikh and Alexey Volnov, Vice President of the bank, on 19 July.

The agreement focuses on priority tasks for social and economic development of the Ulyanovsk region. It is also planned to improve the region's economic and industrial potential, to implement investment programmes and projects, and to provide Ulyanovsk residents with a wide range of high-quality banking services.

“As part of cooperation, we are going to attract investments to the Ulyanovsk region's economy. The bank will be able to participate in social and investment projects and programmes implemented in the region. It is planned to develop a special procurement system to supply the region with necessary goods. It will use e-trading platforms. We will also ensure that all funds are spent as per their intended purpose under government contracts. Bank employees’ salary will be kept at the regional industry average or more,” said Governor Alexey Russkikh.

Currently, the average salary of Gazprombank employees in Ulyanovsk is 64 thousand rubles. In addition, the bank actively placed bond issues of the Ulyanovsk region.

As a reference:

Gazprombank is one of the three largest banks in Russia on all the key indicators; it ranks third in the list of banks of Central and Eastern Europe in terms of capital position. The bank provides services to key sectors of the Russian economy, such as gas, oil, nuclear, chemical and petrochemical ones, iron-and-steel and non-ferrous metallurgy, power industry, mechanical engineering, transport, construction, communications and metalworking industries, the agro-industrial complex, trading, and others.