Alexey Russkikh and Oraz Durdyev Conclude an Agreement on Cooperation Development

The document was signed on 18 July during a meeting between the Governor of Ulyanovsk Region and Acting President of AB InBev Efes.

The agreement aims to keep AB InBev Efes enterprise in the region and to develop it by expanding sales markets and improving the production process efficiency. The parties will also continue working on the corporate programme to cultivate high-quality brewing barley and to cooperate with local producers, which will increase the volume of goods bought from regional farmers. These activities will also ensure a high level of general employment.

“AB InBev Efes has been operating in our region since 2010 and it is one of the major taxpayers. The budget has received taxes worth almost 25 billion rubles. The company invested more than nine billion rubles in development of its Ulyanovsk facility. Today, about 500 residents of the region work at the brewery and receive good salaries. The output is growing annually. And our task is to do our best to help the enterprise continue developing in our region,” said Alexey Russkikh.

Oraz Durdyev, Acting President at AB InBev Efes, noted that the company continues to fulfill all its obligations to the Government of Ulyanovsk Region in the current conditions. He said, “Our partnership with the region is of strategic importance for us and we seek to develop it even further. During the time of our effective cooperation in 2018-2021, the average annual volume of barley purchases from local agricultural enterprises increased tenfold and provided additional demand and jobs in the region's agricultural sector. Being one of the largest taxpayers, we will continue implementing social and economic policies in the region's best interests. We are also going to introduce large-scale investment projects and initiatives in the field of agriculture and sustainable production.”

Over the past four years, the plant in Ulyanovsk has increased its output by 1.5 times. Tax payments to the region's consolidated budget exceeded 14 billion rubles; in 2021, one could see positive dynamics of 10%, and this indicator reached 41% in the first quarter of 2022.

AB InBev Efes implements the Agroprogramme to cultivate and purchase brewing barley. Over five years, 40-50 thousand tons of raw materials have been bought from local agricultural producers annually, which fully satisfies the company's needs for barley.