Alexey Russkikh Discusses Future Development of Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ) with Its New Shareholders

During the meeting and inspection of this facility, the parties talked about the current situation and development plans for the enterprise, as well as interactions between UAZ and suppliers working in the region.

Alexey Russkikh said, “The Automobile Plant is one of the core enterprises for the Ulyanovsk region and its products are renowned far beyond the borders of Russia and serve as our region's trademark. That is why we are always in touch with the plant's management, and when shareholders of UAZ change, we would like to see plans for stable development of the enterprise and support their implementation.”

The head of the region also noted that keeping industry-specific facilities and personnel becomes of paramount importance due to the disruption of supply chains in unfriendly countries, as well as general shrinking of the automotive market. At the same time, this new situation provides an opportunity to localize production of automotive components in the Ulyanovsk region, to attract new partners from friendly countries and to increase the share of Ulyanovsk products on the national market.

In the first half of 2022, UAZ provided more investments and tax payments to the state budget. Despite the slight decrease in the output, the plant's salaries are higher than the average for the Ulyanovsk region and they continue to grow.

“Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant implements a production programme and improves standard social benefits for its employees. Our workers' salaries were adjusted in 2021, and we are going to increase them annually. The salary of blue-collar workers was increased by 10% on 1 February, while the one for engineers and technicians became higher on 1 July. In total, UAZ will allocate 105 million rubles for implementation of social programmes in 2022. Today, the enterprise has more than 300 open positions to fill and we are ready to hire residents of the region and provide them with a decent compensation package, which includes payments for rental housing, among other things. In general, UAZ successfully copes with import substitution tasks and increases its output”, said Adil Shirinov, Director General of UAZ LLC.

The state provides the company with financial support under various programmes of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. UAZ can also participate in the labor force relocation project, which receives funding from the Ulyanovsk region's budget.

Governor Alexey Russkikh also visited the production site of the plant's contractor, Avtodom LLC, where he checked out implementation of the project for production of special vehicles at UAZ.