Ulyanovsk Region: Registration Has Started for The Regional Stage of Digital Breakthrough Forum

The IT competition will take place from 2 to 31 August. It is a combination of two projects: Digital Breakthrough and Hackathons and Lectures on Artificial Intelligence. The latter is a flagship contest of the Russia – Land of Opportunity organization.

Within one month, IT specialists aged 14 or older need to develop a working algorithm for the case that was designed by the Government of Ulyanovsk Region and Nord Clan, a regional IT company.

“Contestants will be working on a solution that determines the distance to a car ahead in real time using photos of vehicles taken from various distances as a reference,” said Vadim Pavlov, Director General of the Ulyanovsk Region Agency for Technological Development.

In the future, the algorithm can be used in navigation systems to warn drivers of near collision and to monitor compliance with traffic regulations.

Registration for the regional stage of “Digital Breakthrough. Artificial Intelligence” and detailed information about it are available at https://hacks-ai.ru/championships/758259.