Ulyanovsk Region: Over One Thousand Agreements on Pay Rises Signed Year-To-Date

During the meeting on 26 July, which focused on integrated development of the region, Governor Alexey Russkikh was briefed on the results of work performed by committees in government agencies and municipalities.

“Special attention must be paid to the organizations where salaries are close to the minimum limit. Everyone should understand that this work is not of sporadic nature. It will be consistent,” the Governor emphasized.

According to Nikolai Zontov, Minister of Economic Development and Industry of Ulyanovsk Region, 566 meetings of salary-focused committees have taken place at the regional and local levels since the beginning of 2022. Two thousand four hundred and forty organizations and business owners were invited to them; one thousand forty of them signed agreements to increase their employees' salaries.

Over the recent weeks, the Governor's initiative to raise salaries has been supported by Post Bank JSC, OOO "SK Atomenergo", OOO "Stroitelnaya gruppa", OOO "Vector", OOO "Effarma", OOO "SMU 3", OOO "Elit metall", OOO "Redut+ Private Security Company", ZAO "Krupyanshchik Agro", OOO "SpecStalKonstrukciya", and many other organizations and entrepreneurs.

In total, 2,862 agreements have been concluded since September 2021 when the Governor ordered to start raising wages. They covered about 95 thousand workers in the region, which also increases the average salary rate as a whole.

“Despite some negative aspects of the economy due to anti-Russian sanctions, we can see the consistent growth in wages. The latest survey of major manufacturing facilities shows that on average, their workers' salaries are by 18.8% more now than in the first half of 2021,” Nikolai Zontov said.

The leaders on this indicator among industrial enterprises in the first half of 2022 included a branch of PAO "Il" - Aviastar (by more than 1.5 times), OOO "UAZ-Avtokomponent", AO "NPP Iskra Plant", OOO "Major", Federal Research and Production Center AO "NPO Mars", AO "Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau", OOO "Elegant", and OOO "Simaz".

According to tax statistics, the increase in income tax revenues to the Ulyanovsk region's consolidated budget made more than 1 billion rubles after the first half of the year. The largest growth was noticed in Ulyanovsk and Dimitrovgrad, as well as Cherdaklinsky, Novospassky and Sengileevsky districts.

The extra income received as income taxes will be used to adjust salaries in the public sector.

Nikolai Zontov explained, "The statistics showed that the average salary in the Ulyanovsk region exceeded 40 thousand rubles in April, but there are still a lot of workers who receive less. The average figure shows dynamics and provides employers with a reference point. Thanks to it, the state also has to increase salaries to specified categories of workers in the public sector."