Ulyanovsk Region Signs a Cooperation Agreement with Business Russia

The document was concluded after the meeting between Governor Alexey Russkikh and Alexey Repik, Chairman of the All-Russian Business Association "Business Russia" (“Delovaya Rossiya”), which took place in Moscow on 3 October.

Ekaterina Tolchina, Head of the Ulyanovsk branch of this business association, also attended the event.

“The agreement will help us introduce the regional investment standard, which will improve the dialogue between the government and the business community, in a short time frame. This is not a formal job but a way to receive the necessary feedback from investors. The main goal is to create comfortable business conditions in the Ulyanovsk region. This has become even more relevant due to the sanctions. New niches are opening and entrepreneurs are ready to fill them, but this requires the right conditions. We are working on it now. In addition, we are going to overhaul the regional branch of Business Russia. A new head has already been appointed - her name is Ekaterina Tolchina. We also touched on the subject of partial mobilization. It is important to balance economic stability and implementation of the presidential decree,” said Alexey Russkikh.

Currently, Business Russia together with the Government of the Russian Federation is working on a number of initiatives to ensure continuous operation of regional enterprises in new realities. According to Ekaterina Tolchina, the Ulyanovsk branch and development institutions have designed proposals connected with partial mobilization among residents of the region working in the business sphere. The initiatives were sent to Mikhail Mishustin, Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers.

In particular, it is suggested to delay enlistment of individual entrepreneurs so that they could sell the assets or hand over their responsibilities. Another proposal is to limit the number of mobilized factory workers and individual entrepreneurs who are connected to 1) production of essential goods, 2) continuous operations under urgent and emergency conditions, 3) state and municipal orders, and 4) the social sphere. A number of initiatives focus on tax, penalty and fine deferrals for entrepreneurs, as well as extension of deadlines for reports. In addition, it was suggested to extend the suspension of inspections.

Alexey Repik, Chairman of the All-Russian Business Association "Business Russia", noted that by maintaining their business, company owners also ensure economic security of the region, which is to be considered a priority.

The public association also aims to coordinate implementation of the Regional Investment Standard. This helps to receive feedback from investors and develop comfortable business conditions in a short period of time. The Ulyanovsk region will go through this procedure in October 2022. Currently, members of the local office have created a pool of independent and anonymous experts from among businesspeople who implement investment projects in the region.

At the end of the meeting, an agreement was signed between the Government of the region and the All-Russian Business Association "Business Russia". The document provides for cooperation to develop the business sphere and investment activities in the region, to create the best conditions for doing business, and to promote competition.