Ulyanovsk Enterprise Ramps Up Production of Import Substitution Gas Equipment

Alexey Russkikh, Governor of Ulyanovsk Region, visited the facility of Service Gas on 5 October to discuss prospects for production development.


The integrated plant makes boilers, which serve as analogues of Italian equipment. They are sold under the Ochag and Buran brands. This facility also produces Russia's only gas burners and SABK gas burner units. Shipping is carried all around Russia and to the neighboring countries such as Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

“Household gas-fired boilers manufactured in our region can be set as an example. The products have only domestic components. This really helps to increase export and to fill the currently open niches at the country's market. The integrated plant develops its own manufacturing process and uses it to make goods. Service Gas is majorly expanding its production areas, which will help make more potent gas-fired to heat schools, kindergartens, first-aid stations, and enterprises. I instructed our Ministry of Housing and Utilities to consider cooperation with the company that wants to upgrade heat sources in rural institutions of the social sector,” said Alexey Russkikh.

The head of the region emphasized that there are villages that have gas, but their community center or school still uses firewood. The region continues looking for solutions to address this issue using the most effective tools. Service Gas can help with this task by making specific boilers for rural social facilities.

Oleg Rodionov, Director General of the company, said that the product demand has increased significantly since many foreign manufacturers left the Russian market. In the near future, the plant is going to expand its product range and start making high-capacity boilers for industrial facilities.

The management of Service Gas also attended Innoprom International Fair as part of the regional delegation led by Governor Alexey Russkikh. The event took place in Tashkent in April 2022. During it, the company and its Uzbek partners agreed to develop and launch a new model of boilers.

As noted by Ruslan Gainetdinov, Head of the regional center "My Business", the government holds business missions and meetings with companies' representatives to support entrepreneurs of the Ulyanovsk region who are in search of new business partners and suppliers, including foreign ones. Within implementation of the International Cooperation and Export national project, local manufacturers can also take part in all-Russian and international exhibitions.

As a reference:

Service Gas has been a supplier of boilers for 27 years and has produced 700 thousand items. Its products are made using patented technologies and have only domestic components. The company ranks second in the market of floor standing gas boilers and participates in the Russian Regions Gasification Programme. Service Gas has repeatedly won the regional Best Entrepreneur of the Year award, which is part of the national project "Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Support for Individual Entrepreneurs".