Alexey Russkikh and Heads of the Country's Leading Automotive Enterprises Discuss Industry Development

The Governor met with Sergey Kogogin (Director General of KAMAZ PTC), Maxim Sokolov (President of AVTOVAZ JSC) and Firdaus Kabirov (Director General of OAT Group) at the facility in Dimitrovgrad on 18 October.

The parties discussed cooperation and logistics projects, future development of Dimitrovgrad industrial site, and special training programmes for employees of the automotive industry.

“More than 400 regional enterprises work in the automotive industry; half of them are located in Dimitrovgrad. We must provide them with orders as their stable operation depends on it. This, in turn, affects the well-being of our residents. Today we agreed that procurement meetings will become annual. To develop cooperation, our region will sign a cooperation agreement with KAMAZ Procurement Center and AVTOVAZ Purchasing Directorate. We discussed our joint plans for the development of the industrial park DAAZ. Dimitrovgrad Industrial Park "Master" continues expanding its infrastructure and increasing the output. An industrial technopark "DAAZ AVTO COMPONENT" will be created as part of another project for DAAZ development, which we agreed to promote. The experience of industrial park "Master" has proved that these production facilities are in great demand among the residents”, said Alexey Russkikh.

Sergey Kogogin, Director General of KAMAZ PTC, noted the importance of support provided to the automotive industry by the government of Ulyanovsk region. Subsidies were provided from the regional budget to three OAT enterprises: OOO "DAAZ", OOO "Avtosvet" and OOO "Dimitrovgrad Powder Metallurgy Plant". It helped to keep their workers and to return to the five-day workweek.

Maxim Sokolov, President of AVTOVAZ JSC, confirmed that AVTOVAZ is interested in development of Dimitrovgrad facilities as one of the main suppliers of automotive components. According to him, it is also important to preserve workforce capacity of the industry.

Maxim Sokolov emphasized, “This applies to companies both in Tatarstan - such as KAMAZ and AVTOVAZ - and here, in the Ulyanovsk region. There are also spheres where we can work together. For example, we must train young personnel, work with specialized secondary schools, develop general educational programmes and attract high-potential employees.”

 According to Firdaus Kabirov (Director General of OAT Group), DAAZ aims to continue developing and its specialists know what is necessary for this task. He commented, “Thanks to the support, we were able to keep our staff members, so now the enterprise is ready to start working on new products.”

All participants of the meeting noted that it is important to work as one team to improve  the use of production capacities, to upgrade facilities and to explore the new commodities.