Dimitrovgrad: Federal Scientific and Clinical Center for Medical Radiology and Oncology of the FMBA of Russia Develops and Uses a Radiopharmaceutical for Cancer Treatment

During a working trip to the municipality on 18 October, Governor Alexey Russkikh visited the facility where he examined the cyclotron-radiochemical unit.

The Governor said, “The Federal Scientific and Clinical Center for Medical Radiology and Oncology of the FMBA of Russia is a unique facility since it not only provides treatment to patients, but is also engaged in research activities and uses import substitution technologies. We will continue our cooperation and help promoting new developments and projects to improve the quality and availability of medical services for cancer patients.”

According to Yury Udalov, Director General at the FSCCRO of FMBA of Russia, thanks to the signed agreement and collaboration between the Center and the Ulyanovsk Region, it was possible to solve the issues of medical support provided to residents of the region. The Federal Scientific and Clinical Center for Medical Radiology and Oncology of the FMBA of Russia closely cooperates with the Ulyanovsk Regional Clinical Oncology Dispensary, and also includes direct individual patient appointment requests. 25% of the total number of patients are inhabitants of the Ulyanovsk region who have already received proton therapy.

The medical cluster has a system of support services for the patient treatment, which has been implemented in such key areas as radiotherapy and proton therapy. Developments are underway to make domestic radiopharmaceuticals in order to promote import substitution. The Center's specialists also learned how to synthesize radium for medical purposes. Thanks to it, the establishment no longer relies on foreign supplies necessary to treat cancer patients.

“We took raw materials from the reactor, cleaned them and synthesized them in a special way. And thus, we were able to completely replace the agent produced by our German colleagues,” said Yury Udalov.

We would like to remind that the Center for Medical Radiology and Oncology is so important because it is based on the closed-loop system - patients can receive all stages of treatment at the facility, which has 23 buildings. The process starts from the visit to the oncologist and ends with rehabilitation after treatment. All medical care is provided free of charge under the state guarantees and includes such a highly progressive procedure as proton therapy.

Patients from 76 regions of the country visited the FSCCRO of FMBA of Russia over the past year. Thanks to medical tourism, 50 patients from the Republic of Belarus have already received treatment in 2022.

To get an appointment with the specialists of the Center, you need to contact your local oncologist to apply for the quota. You can also send documents yourself offline or online.

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Reducing cancer mortality is the most important task of the national project "Healthcare". According to the last year results, the Ulyanovsk region saw 1.6% decrease in cancer mortality, 2.6% in within-one-year mortality rate, and 6.6% in the number of cancer neglect cases. These results were achieved thanks to many factors, which include the FSCCRO of FMBA of Russia.