Ulyanovsk Region Ranks First in the Volga Federal District and Second in Russia on the Number of TPSG

According to the regional TPSG Association, 427 territorial public governments are currently registered in the region; 402 of them are legal entities, which includes 282 TPSG in municipalities.

The Regional TPSG Association is actively educating public self-governments and engaging them in presidential grant competitions. For example, TPSG "Vishnyovy" (Tsilninsky district), TPSG "Impuls" (Mainsky district), TPSG "Rodnik" and "Mostovaya Sloboda" (Ulyanovsk) are the winners of the second contest of the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives. The winners of the special competition included projects "Mostovaya Sloboda" "Budet hleb, budet i obed" (If There Is Bread, There Is Lunch), "Pamyat odetaya v kamen" (Memory in Stone) and TPSG "Nash kray".

“In 2021, more than 9 million rubles were received thanks to participation in presidential grant competitions. For the first three quarters of this year, we have already got over 20 million rubles,” said Vladimir Sidorov, Chairman of the TPSG Association of Ulyanovsk Region. “TPSGs give much attention to the improvement of territories. More than one thousand neighbourhood clean-ups were organized in the third quarter of this year. Fifteen thousand Ulyanovsk residents took part in them.”

The Association is actively involved in joint humanitarian and charity projects. Food, building materials and basic necessities were sent to the targeted territories of the Luhansk People's Republic, as well as to the conscripted Ulyanovsk residents in the Penza region. Humanitarian aid collection point are available in many TPSGs of the Ulyanovsk region. Inzensky, Baryshsky, Veshkaimsky, Novospassky, Cherdaklinsky, Mainsky, and Ulyanovsk districts are the most active municipalities in the region.